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What's the #1 cause of dog/cat bite wounds?
Pasteurella multocida
What 5 other things cause cat/dog bite wounds?
1. Capnocytophaga canimorsus
2. Alpha-hemolytic streps
3. Eikenella corrodens
4. Anaerobes
What are 2 characteristics of P. multocida?
1. Penicillin resistant
2. Bipolar staining
What causes rat bite fever?
But what 2 etiologic AGENTS?
1. Streptobacillus moniliformis
2. Spirillum minus
How is RABIES transmitted?
Bat bites
What organism is associated with Cat scratch disease?
Bartonella henselae
How is B. henselae identified?
-Observation of GNB, but very fastidious.
-Serologic methods are better.
What 5 infections are transmitted by direct contact wtih animals?
1. Anthrax
2. Brucellosis
3. Erysipeloid
4. Glanders
5. Tularemia
What animal causes Tularemia?
Rabbits, or TICKS.
What animals cause Brucellosis?
Pigs, Goats, Bison, Cows
What disease does Brucellosis cause?
Undulant fever
What animal causes Erysipeloid?
What are 4 characteristics of Erysipelothrix rhusthiopathieae?
1. GPB
2. Very long!
3. Catalase neg
4. H2S producer
What transmits ANTHRAX?
Cows and Goats
What distinguishes anthracis from other bacillus species?
-Not beta-hemolytic
What organism causes glanders?
Burkholderia mallei
What 3 organisms are associated with contact with infected animal pee or poop?
1. Leptospiroris
2. Hantavirus
3. Psittacosis
What transmits Leptospirosis?
Rodent droppings
What media is used for Leptospirosis?
Fletcher's media, incubated at 30'C.
What transmits Hantavirus?
What causes Psittacosis?
Chlamydia psittaci
What 4 diseases are vector borne?
1. Borrelia
3. Ehrlichiosis
4. Plague
What 2 diseases does borrelia cause?
1. Relapsing fever
2. Lymes disease
What transmits RMSF and ehrlichiosis?
What transmits Plague?
What organism causes it?
What type of bug is it?
-Rat fleas
-Yersinia pestis