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Trace Spermatogenesis
spermatogonium (2n) -> spermatocyte (2n) -> meiosis I = 2 spermatocytes -> meiosis IO = 4 spermatocytes
Trace Oogenesis
1)Oogonium - early in embryo development (2n)
2)Primary oocyte (start meiosis I)
3)Secondary oocyte & polar body (after meiosis I)
4)Ovum & polar body (after meiosis II)

After puberty once a month (ovulation)
Secondary oocyte -> ovum

Change in ________ along the cell's membrane

Overall change of ________ inside vs. outside
membrane potential

fusion of the egg and sperm

(learn how this happens)
What are the three stages of labor?
1) cervix dialation
2) expulsion
3) delivery of placenta
Why are fetuses so vulnerable to environmental toxicants?
b/c the placenta is a permeable membrane, things can pass across