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t zone
seats near the teaher
hint: you will get good grades and good notes in these seats
d zone
these seats are near the door. You can listen to the teachers "privite" conversations but you will not payattention een if you are in the front of the room
l zone
next to a crush you want to get to know beter and have a better chance in being his girl
A cool kid that is your role model. ex. She gets good grades, doesnt do anything against the law(drinking or smoking) and she is one of the cool kids.That could be a person you would want to know better
sd zone
this is the zone people dont have alot of notes because they cant see the board and you cant hear the teach talking in the t zone cause the trouble makers are talking up a storm with nothing but f's on thier desks
hint : get to class early!
r zone
the halleway is like a road. It has two ways to go. You want to stay with the flow of the traffic
s zone
the s zone is the small lockers we get in mullen. you defenitly have to be organized in mullen or you wont fit anything anywhere
gb zone
gym blechers are the gb zone. dont want to go there because that is where the troublemakers go to hang and do bad stuff
hint: find another cool place to go if you want to meet somebody. Like your locker or the office or at the3 trophy houe or by the inside gym but not the gb zone
g zone
gym. some people love it some peeps hate it. if you hate it you do not skip class. also if you hate it you arent that althetic or mabye it is folk ancing.I wouldnt blame you to hate it
ec zone
afterschool stuff is the ec zone. This is the fun part of the day. you get to choose what you do. you might help a teacher you might do a sport you might
lr zone
lunch is going to be early or late this year so you have to eat breakfast. you and you friends should get there early and get a seat at your one table