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Zechariah was the son of
Wnat tribe was Zechariah most likely from?
Zechariah was a ___________ and _____________ just like 2 other men (who were the men)
Priest and Prophet

like Jeremiah and Ezekiel
Zechariah's grandfather was ______________________
Who did Iddo return from Babylog to Jerusalem with?
What did King Cyrus issue?
an edict
What did the edict that King Cyrus issue do?
Granted permission for the Jews to return and rebuild their temple
When was Zechariah's 1st prophecy delivered?
October or Nov. 520 BC between Haggai's 2nd and 3rd messages
Who lived at the same time as Zechariah? (he was contemporary with?)
1)Govenor Zerubabbel
2)Jeshua the High Priest
3)Haggai the Prophet
What did Zechariah join Haggai the prophet in doing?
Cheering on the Jewish colony (recently returned to Jerusalem) to resume rebuilding the temple.
When had they (Jewish colony) stopped rebuilding the temple?
536 BC
Why had they stopped rebuilding the temple?
Because of opposition from neighbors and FEAR
How long did Haggai's prophetic career last?
4 months
Zechariah spoke for God into the reign of ________________
Artaxerxes I
When did Artaxerxes I reignment?
465 BC - 424 BC
In 540 BC what did the Angel refer to echariah as?
a young man
Where (#) does the canon of the Old Testament place the book of Zecharia.
11th of the Minor Prophets
Who was concerned about the Jews rebuilding the temple?
Who did Tettenai talk to about the Jews rebuilding the templet
King Darius
What did King Darius do after Tattenai told him of his concerns about the Jews rebuilding the temple?He
He allowed the Jews to proceed
When was the temple completed and dedicated?
516 BC (March 12)
How many night visions did Zechariah see?
What did Zechariah's 8 Night Visions affirm?
That if Judah would return to the Lord, He would return them and his word would continue to be fulfilled.
What does Zechariah's name mean?
The Lord Remembers
What is the Hebrew word for God?
Elohim is a plural word for ______________ that implies ____________________
majesty that implies power
Zechariah most likely knew God as ________-_________________
What is the personal name of God?
Yahweh (Lord)
What is the word used for "the God of the covenant promises"?
What did God tell the Jewish people to teach their children?
The 1. commands, 2. decrees, and 3. laws of their God
How were the Jewish people supposed to teach their children the commands, decrees, adn laws of God?
By retelling the story of their deliverance from Egypt so they would know God.
As a priest Zechariah was schooled (or knew a lot) about the _________ & ______________ of God's relationship with his people
Law and History
What do some of Zechariah's prophecies ahve to do with?
The end times
This lesson is focused on Zechariah's prophecies about deliverance from __________________ and the _________________ of God's people to ____________________
Deliverance from Babylon and restoration of God's people to Jerusalem
6 prophecies of Zechariah are promises of the ________________ ____________
Coming Messiah
He would be ___________ and _________________ for ____ pieces of __________________. He would be ________________ in the _______________.
rejected and betrayed for 30 pieces fo silver.
He would be pierced in the side.
He would be _________________ by the "____________" of the Lord
struck by the "sword" of the Lord
He would be a ____________, a __________________, and _____________ a ________________.
a priest
a king
and ride a donkey
He would _________________ the ____________'s ___________
build the Lord's temple
He would come in __________________
He would _______________ and establish _________________ and ________________
reign and establish peace and prosperity
In what NEW Testament book did Jesus give testimony to these prophecies?
The book of Zechariah proclaims that God is _______________ in ______________
sovereign in History
The Jewish people had to see God as their _______________
God's Spirit would give the Jewish people _______________
When the Jewish people were rebuilding the temple they became ______________ & _____________ with the task.
Tired and Overwhelmed
What did some of the Jewish people become more concerned with during the time of rebuilding?
Their OWN houses...not as concerned with God's house
When Haggai's ministry came to an end, Zechariah took over the job of ______________ to God's people to ________________ the _________________

rebuild the temple
Zechariah reminded them that this temple was very important. WHY was it so important?
Because the promised Messiah would one day teach there.
What would be the center of God's message to the whole world through the Messiah?
The Temple
Martin Luther considered God to be like a ______________ in his life.
When times were hard Martin Luther did what?
He put his HOPE in God
Martin Luther is remembered as the ______________ of the __________________ Restoration
Father of the Protestant Reformation