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Hypoactive Lungs
Lung Qi Xu
Bladder Functions
- removes water by Qi transformation
Lung Qi Xu Treatment Principle
Reinforce LU & Strengthen Qi
Lung Yin Xu Treatment Principle
Nourishes Yin Moisten LU
Exterior Dryness Attacking Acupoints
Primary treatment is Herbs
- secondary is acu
-Lu-7: Promote Lung descending function -Ki-6: Nourish Yin (moisten Lungs)
-Lu-1: Clear Excess from Lungs
-Sp-6: Meeting point of 3 Leg Yin Channels
Kidney Function
-store Essence & govern birth, growth, reproduction, & development
-produce Marrow, fill up the brain & control bones
- govern Water
- control the reception of Qi
- open into the ears
- manifest in the hair
- control the lower orifices
- house the Will Power
Wind-Heat Attacks Lungs Acupoints
-Lu-7: Luo Connecting
-LI-4: Yuan Src
- Yuan + Luo expels wind & releases exterior
-GB-20(wind pool): Expels wind-heat
-Du-14: Lower fever & release exterior
-SJ-5: alternative to Lu-7
-Ren-22: cough
-LU-11: Cools Lung & eliminates wind-heat & benefits throat
-DU-20: if headache
Exterior Dryness Attacking Treatment Principle
-Expel wind dryness
-regulate lung qi
-moisten the lungs
Gall Bladder Functions
- stores & excretes bile
- controls judgment
- controls sinews
Heart Functions
- governs Blood
- controls the blood vessels
- manifests in the complexion
- houses the Mind
- opens into the tongue
- controls sweat
Large Intestine Functions
- receive food & drink from the S.I.
- re-absorbed some of the fluids
- excretes the stools.
Liver Functions
- stores Blood
- ensures the smooth flow of Qi
- controls the sinews
- manifests in the nails
- open into the eyes
- houses the ethereal soul (hun)
Lung Functions
- Govern Qi & respiration
- Control channels & blood vessels
- Control dispersing & descending
- regulate Water passages
- control skin & hair
- open into the nose
- house the Corporeal soul (po)
Lung Qi Xu Acu-Points
- UB-13: Back Shu for Lungs
- LU-9: Yuan-Source of LU channel
- ST-36: Reinforce Qi
- UB-43: For Xu conditions, especially LU
- Ren-17: Meeting point of Zhong Qi
San Jiao Functions
- One of the 6 Yang Organs
- Avenue of Original Qi
- 3 Divisions of the Body
Small Intestine Function
- controls receiving & transforming
- separates fluids (separates the pure from the impure)
- influences Discernment
Spleen Functions
governs transformation & transportation
- controls Blood
- controls the muscles & the 4 limbs
- opens into the mouth & manifests in the lips
- controls the "raising Qi"
- houses Thought
Stomach Functions
- controls the "rotting & ripening" of food
- controls the transportation of food essences
- controls the descending of Qi
- the origin of fluids
Wind-Cold Attacks Lungs Acupoints
-LI-4+Lu-7: Yuan-Luo Coupling (dispel wind & release exterior)
-GB-20: Dispel Wind
-UB-12: Dispel Wind
-UP-13: Strengthen Lung dispersing function
Wind-Cold Attacks Lungs Treatment Principle
-Expel Wind Cold
-Regulate Lung Qi-
-Release Exterior
Wind-Heat Attacks Lungs Treatment Principle
-Expel Wind heat
-Regulate Lung Qi
-Release the Exterior
Exterior Dryness Attacking Lungs
Lung System:
-Dry cough w/ little or no sputum
-sputum difficult to expectorate
-maybe hemoptysis
-Cough may cause chest pain
-Dry or sore throat
-Dry lips & mouth
-Dryness in nose
-Chills & fever & slight body ache
Heat: Constipation & scanty urine
-T: Normal
-C: thin, yellow, and dry
-P: Superficial, maybe rapid
Lung Qi Xu Manifestations
Descending & Dispersing:
- Soft, weak cough with clear this sputum
Qi Deficiency:
- Physical & mental exhaustion
- Shortness of breath
- Pale face
Weakness of Zhong Qi:
- Soft, weak voice
Dominates Exterior:
- Spontaneous sweats
- Aversion to wind
- T: Pale
- C: thin & white
- P: weak (esp. right cun)
Wind-Heat Attacks Lungs Manifestations
Dispersing & Descending:
-Cough w/ thick, sticky, yellow sputum
Lung System :
-Sore red, swollen throat
-Runny or blocked nose with thick yellow discharge
Exterior Symptoms:
-Fever w/ perspiration
-Slight Chills
-Headache & Body Ache
-Slight Thirst for cold liquids
-T: Red Tip
-C: Thin & Yellow
-P: Superficial & Rapid
Lung Yin Xu Manifestations
Discending & Dispersing:
-Severe, dry hacking cough
-No sputum expectorated
-Small amts of difficult to expectorate sputum
False Heat: Afternoon Fever
-Night sweats
-Malar flush
-5 Palm heat
No Moisture:
-Dry Mouth & Throat
-Hoarse Voice
-T: Red, smaller body, perhaps thinner
-C: scanty
-P: Thin & rapid
Wind-Cold Attacks Lungs Clinical Manf
Dispersing & Descending:
-Cough with expectoration of thin, watery or frothy white/clear sputum
Normal Function of Area Disturbed:
-Itching or tickling in throat
-Blocked and/or runny nose with clear, watery nasal discharge
Superficial Energy Not Moving:
-Chills w/low-grade fever
-General body aches
-T: Pink/Normal
-C: Thin, white, & moist
-P:superficial & tight (exterior + cold)
Lung Yin Xu
-UB-43: Nourish Lung Yin
-LU-9: Yuan Source Pt
-Lu-7 + Ki-6: Couple Ren Mai & Yin Qiao Mai for Yin Xu
-LU-6: Xi-Cleft for acute cough
-LU-5: Clear heat from Lungs
-SP-6: Meeting point of 3 leg yin (Nourish Yin)