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what are the likely HT/LU pathologies?
HT/LU Qi Xu (sadness)

HT fire LU dry
weak pules will be found for which organs due to sadness?
palpitations, easily frighteed, difficult sleeping, forgetful, pale white complexion, spont sweat, fatigue, weak/low voice, cough panting, and copious sputum are common s/s for which combo pathology?

what is the P/T?
HT/LU Qu xu

P- pale, thin white coat
T- thready weak
how can Lu qi xu affect the heart?
HT qi-xu -> HT blood stag
what is the tx for HT/LV blood xu?
courish HT calm shen
palpitations, insomnia, numb extremitites, and pulling pain in tendons are major s/s of which combo pathology?
HT/LV blood xu
how are the mind and emotions related?
support each other
weak mind-> depression/anxiety
constrained emotions/unhappy ->weak mind/viality
what causes Zang Zao lost soul?
HT yin xu + LV Qi stag

xs worry/anxiety, pensiveness, blood loss
what are s/s of zang zao?
frequent yawning, cry for no reason, melancholy, hysteria, insomnia, nite sweat
P-thready rapid
T-red, scanty coat
what is the tx for zan zao?
Nourish HT/SP Qi and Yin
Smooth LV Qi flow
what is the common root between HT and KD?
mind & essence
what arises when the HT and KD are not communicating?
KD Yin Xu - HT Yin xu fire
what are some causes of the HT and KD not communicating?
prolonged illness, overstrain, stress, xs sexual activity
what are s/s of HT/KD not communicating?
what is the tx?
palpitation, mental restless, insomnia waking up several times in the night, nite sweat, seminal emission, tinnitis, poor memory, deafness, sore lower back/knees, dark scanty urine
T- red , scanty coat
P- thready rapid

TX- nourish yin, downbear fire, harmonize HT/KD
waking several times during the night is related to which combo pathology?
HT/KD not communicating
what causes water overflowing to the Hear?
what is the tx?
KD Yang Xu

Warm Yang, promote Urination
What are the s/s of water overflowing to heart?
edema of lower extremities/eyelids, feel cold in legs/back, ab fullness, sore low back, scanty clear urine, bright white complxn, palpitations, breathless, cold hands
t- pale swollen white coat
p- deep weak slow
palpitations, sweat, sob (copius if severe) cold body, weak breathing, clouded mind are s/s of what combo pathology

what is the tx?
HT/KD Yang xu

warm and tonify HT Yang
the mind is the ________ of essence

what is the common root
mind is external manifestation of essence

mind/body with a common root in qi
if jing is weak how is the mind affected?
lack of vitality/self confidence/will power
if the mind is perturbed and overcome with emotions, what happens to the essence?>
essence will not be directed by the mind
one will permanently feel tired/lack motivation
how does the SP qi affect the heart?
SP QI XU - cannot produce blood - ht blood xu
Dizzy, poor memory, insomnia palpitations, loose stool, lassitude, sallow complexion, irreg menses and/or profuse pale menstrual bleeding, dream disturbed'

these are s/s of what combo pathology?

what is the tx?
SP Qi XU-> HT Blood XU

tonify and nourish heart blood and sp qi
what are the primary causes for the LV invading the SP/ST?
Emotions - anger/frustration etc
LV Qi Stag
Irreg Diet -> SP Qi Xu
alternating constipation and diarrhea or having dry and bitty stools is classic s/s of _____
what is the T, P?
What is the tx?
LV invading SP

T- pale body, red sides
P- weak in SP/ST position, wiry in LV

TX- harmonize LV, tonify SP
what is the pathological relationship that is likely to occur between the LU and LV

what causes this?
LV Fire Insulting LU

anger -> LV Qi stag -> Fire -> rises toward chest - impairs descending function of LU causing asthma, breathless, cough, hemoptysis

also can be caused by xs greasy food causing heat
A red tongue with thin yellow coat that is swollen just above the tip

a wiry, rapid pulse

in addition your px has HA, dark scanty urine, and fullness/stuffy chest
may indicate ___
what is the tx
LV Fire insulting the LU

TX- harmonize LV, clear fire, descnd LU Qi
poor diet, overwork, anger, frustration, chronic illness, and xs sexual activity can all be causes of which combo pathology?
LV KD Yin xu
YOur px had delayed menses, and is experiencing dull occipital HA or sometimes a vertex HA, she has trouble sleeping with lots of dreams, and she has a dry throat

her tongue is red and slightly peeled with cracks and a scanty coat

her pulse is floating, empty, rapid

what is the diagnosis
what is the tx
LV KD Yin Xu
Nourish LV and KD Yin
CHronic illness that has damaged the yang plus over consumption of col raw food is likely to cause ____

what is the T/P
SP KD Yang xu
t- pale swollen moist white coat
p- deep, weak, slow
your px is complaining of clear phlgm, edema of the limbs and eyelids, and constatnly feeling cold. She also is up very early in the morning with diarrhea. she has scanty clear urine

what is the diagnosis and tx?
SP KD Yang xu

Warm and tonify SP and KD yang
what are classic s/s of SP/KD Yang xu?
Cocks crow diarrhea
Abundant clear urine
Scanty Clear Urine
facial puffiness of eyelids
edema of lower extremities
cold limbs, etc Yang xu s/s
a tongue with 2 transverse cracks, that is also red w a scanty coat
a pulse that is thready rapid/floating empty

these are likely to occur with which combo pathology?

what causes this?
LU KD Yin xu

chronic LU xu + KD Yin xu with sadness grief/worry
what is the tx for LU KD Yin Xu
Nourish LU and KD Yin and Generate Fluids
You px has a dry cough with scanty sputum that is worse at night, and has nocturnal emissions. Mild exertion makes him breathless

what is the diagnosis?
LU KD Yin Xu
what causes LU Qi and KD Yang XU aka ___, ____
Water cold shooting into LU/ KD yang XU+water overflowing

cause: LU Qi Xu due to retention of exterior cold in the LU, it is not resolved and creates phlgm fluids
Ab distention, clear scanty urine, and watery frothy sputum with SOB
t- pale, swollen with white coat
p- deep, weak, slow

what is the diagnosis and tx?
LU KD Yang xu

Warm and tonify KD yang, tonify LU Qi, transform water
LU is the ___ of Qi
KD is the ___ of Qi
LU- commander of Qi (Also pivot)
KD- root of Qi
LU Controls ___
KD Dominates ____ of QI
LU controls respiration
KD dominates the reception of QI
SOB upon exhalation and is worse with exertions, spontaneous sweating, and urinary incontinence with cough are classic s/s of _____

what is the tx?
LU KD Qi xu
tonify LU and KD Qi
what are the T/P for LU KD Qi xu
t- pale thin white coat
p- weak, deficient
Sp is the ___ of QI
LU is the ___ of Qi
SP is source of QI
LU is the Pivot of QI (also commander)
your px has a desk job and soends most of her time sitting, she complains of being tired and has recently developed a cough with lots of watery sputum. her face looks puffy and she has spontaneous sweating

what is the diagnosis
what is the T/P
what is the tx?
LU and SP Qi xu
T- pale w white coat
P- weak
tonify LU SP Qi
your px comes in complaining of dizziness, and tingling of the limbs, she is tired and often has loose stools and light menses

what do you expect her T and P to be like
what is the diagnosis
what is the tx
SP LV Blood Xu

T- pale, sl orange color
P- choppy, thready, weak

Tx- tonify SP Qi and LV Blood
Thirst without desire to drink and jaundice are classic s/s of ______

what causes this?
Obstruction of SP by Damp with LV Qi Stag - DH of LV/GB

Cuased by xs greasy/fried food causing damp

other s/s - stuffy full epigatrium, nausea, no appetite, loose stiik, sallow complexion, hypochondriac pain, bitter taste in mouth
What is the T/P for SP damp with LV Qi Stag?

what is the tx?
T- thick greasy yellow coat
P- Slippery wiry

Tonify SP,resolve damp, smooth LV Qi, clear heat
bitter taste in mouth can occur under which conditions
or GB issues usually heat related