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What are 3 important characteristics of a good scientist?
What is a hypothesis?
possible explanation for a set of observations or answer to scientific question
What is science
Is the process of gathering knowledge and answering questions about the world and how it works
What are 3 important charasteristics of a good scientist
1. observing
2, inferring
3. perdicting
wht is Math the language of science
Because scinetist use math to organize, analyze and present data
Compare and contrast new and old science
Today science is divided into different science like chemistry and biology . In ancient time speople didn't make the destinction between science and other forms of investigation.
List 3 contributions of Ancient Civilzations
In Egypt astronomers used the moon and stars like a giant clock and made calenders
second ancient civilization contributions
The Sumarians devised a system of writing known ans cuniform
The Third contributons
Babylonian astronomers made observations of the moon, eclipses and planests venus and mercury
Four Contributions of Islamic Culture
Ibn Sina studied medicine and wrote a huge book called the Canon on medicine and an encyclopedia called the Cure
Second Islamic Contribution
The study of Alchemy. alchemists looked for ways of changing nonprecios metals such as iron into gold
Third Islamic Contribution
Ibn al-Haytham studied the optics of the eye and astronomy and physics
Fourth Islamic Contributioon
Abu al-Biruni deigned instruments to for observing the sun, moon and stars
Define the x and y axis:
The x axis is the horizontal line of a bar graph

The y axis is the vertical line of a bar graph