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Anatomy describes...
the structures of the body:
Made of
associated structure
Physiology describes...
the functions of the structures.
Structure determines...
cytology is the study of?
Cells and their structures
Histology is the study of?
tissues and their structures
What are the two kinds of cells in the body?
Sex/Germ cell- reproduction
Somatic cells- everything else
Cell membrane functions (4)
-Isolation (intracellular fluid-cytosol and extracellular fluid)
Structure of the Cell membrane contains? (3)
Lipid, Carbohydrates, and functional proteins
Membrane protein functions (6)
anchoring, recognition, enzymes, receptors, carrier proteins (passive & active), channels (very selective, always passive)
What is the cytoplasm?
all materials inside the cell and outside the nucleus:
-cytosol(intracellular fluid) nutrients, ions, proteins, and waste products
-organelles structures with specific functions
What makes an organelle nonmembranous?
no membrane, direct contact with cytosol
Nonmembranous organelle... What is the cytoskeleton?
structural proteins for shape and strength (keratin), anchor other organelle, cell contraction (actin and myosin)
Nonmembranous organelle...
What is the microvilli?
outfoldings of plasma membrane, increase surface area for absorption, attach to cytoskeleton
Nonmembranous organelle...
What is the cilia?
cilia move fluids across the cell surface, the core of the cilium is made of microtubules (cytoskeleton)
Nonmembranous organelle..
What do ribosomes do? what are the two kinds
Build protein, two types: free ribosomes in cytoplasm (cell), fixed ribosomes attached to ER (secretion)