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Naturally occuring inorganic solids with a definite chemical composition and an orderly arrangement of atoms.
What distinguishing characteristics do foliated rocks have?
Banded Texture.
Minerals were tightly packed.
Water cannot pass through it.
What kind of rock does quickly cooling lava form?
Extrusive Rock
What terms do they use to classify metamorphic rock??
Foliated and Non-foliated
How are sedimentary rocks formed?
Sediments compacted
Mix of crystals, minerals, volcanic glass, organic matter, etc.
When magma cools slowly, it produces __ grains.
Large; easy to see from the human eye.
What type of rocks are formed when lava cools on the surface of the earth?
Extrusive Rock
Sedimentary rocks made from once living things are ___.
What do the crust and upper mantle make up??
Plates (??)
Where are the youngest rocks on the ocean floor found?
Near the mid ocean ridge.
Where can you see the result of plate movements?
Where the plates meet. They can form mountains, vlocanoes, etc.
What type of boundary has the plates move APART?
How do we know magnetic waves have been reversed?
Used a magnetic measurer to detect changes.
Continental Drift-
When the continents move slowly to a new location through plate movement.
Supercontinents name?
Plates sliding past each other-
Transform Boundary
When plates move together-