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What is a inside a Bartholin Gland cyst?
fluid, but if it gets infected, it can turn to pus and then lead to an abscess
What is a Bartholin's Gland cyst caused from?

What is a Bartholin's Gland abscess caused from?
blocked duct

bacteria, chylmidia, ghonnorhea
What is Leukoplakia?
white lesions of the vulva that cause:


2)dyspareunia (painful intercourse)
What are the two types of Leukioplakia?
Lichen Sclerosus

Lichen Simplex Chronicus
I am the leukioplakia that has thin parchment white patches.
Lichen Sclerosus
Most Lichen sclerosus happens in ______________ women.
Leukoplakia (especially lichen sclerosus) is called _____________ in men.
balanitis xerotica obliterans
Lichen Simplex Chronicus has these type of white patches.
thick gray white patches with increased superficial keratin
Unexplained vulvar pain with burning, stinging, irritation and rawness.
Vulvodynia is the leading cause of ________________ in younger women. It can be primary or secondar.
Inflammation of the vagina with burning, redness, swelling and itch.
What symptom MAY be present with depends on the cause of the vaginitis.?
Suffering from vaginitis, you MAY have painful _____________ and _____________.
urination and dyspareunia
Cause of vaginitis in premenarchal
non specific causes:
-poor hygiene
-intestinal parasites
-foreign bodies
Cause of vaginitis in menarchial
-candida albicans
-trichomonas vaginalis
-bacterial vaginosis
Cause of vaginitis in postmenopausal
Atrophic vaginitis caused from NO ESTROGEN
Acute or Chronic inflammation of the cervix
Cause of acute cervicitis
1) direct infection or inflammation of the cervix

2) secondary to a vaginal infection (ascended) or a uterine infection (descended)
What is a hallmark sign of acute cervicitis?
lots of mucal drainage with PUS and LOTS of WBC in drainage
Chronic cervicitis is described as _____ ________ inflammation, and it is common among _______________ women.
low grade inflammation

post pardum (just gave birth)
Tx for acute cervicitis
id and proper abx
Tx for chronic cervicitis
PID is Pelvic Inflammatory Disease and it is an inflammation of what?
upper reproductive tract

fallopian tubes

***either a combo of these, all of these, or one of is all considered PID
Inflammation of the uterus
Inflammation of the fallopian tubes
Inflammation of the ovaries
Key phrase for PID....It is a ____________ infection with ____________ causes.
polymicrobial infection with varying causes...Not just one, not just gonnorhea
PID is not necessarily caused by....
What are symptoms of PID?
lower abdominal pain, lower back pain, purulent discharge, pelvic tenderness, painful cervix
What is dx of PID?
fever, increased ESR, increased C-reactive proteins, leukocytosis
What is TX for PID?
+ multiple ABX...remember it is a polymicrobial infection

+ bed rest

+ stop having sex
Functional endometrial tissue outside of the uterus
What is cause of endometriosis?
unknown, but theories include: retrograde menstration, genetic, immune response
Endometriosis (pieces) may form:
1) endometrioma

2) small hemorrhagic lesions
What are endometrioma?
chocolate cysts on the ovary. Inside it is blood. Rupture an cause peritonitis and adhesions
What are small hemorrhagic lesions?
With Endometriosis, if the endometrial tissue (FUNCTIONING) lands anywhere other than ovary it is this. They respond to hormonal changes.
Why is endometriosis difficult to diagnose?
b/c the pain is the same as a lot of pelvic disorders.
What helps to dx the condition endometriosis?
Classic Triad:

dysmenorrhea, dyspareunia and infertility
What is the only accurate dx of endometriosis?
Using surgery as a tx for endometriosis, has what risk?
Benign tumors from smooth muscle origin
What is the difference between endometritis and endometriosis?
Endometritis - inflammation of the uterus

Endometriosis - functioning endometrial tissue outside of uterus
Leiomyomas are also called ______________ and ______________.
myomas and fibroids
What are the types of leiomyomas?
subserosal - project from under peritoneum and stick out the side of the uterus. They cause hypoureter and other pressure problems.

submucosal - displace endometrial tissue and cause bleeding

intramural - in wall, most common
What are the symptoms of leiomyomas?
asymptomatic or symptoms...heavy menstral flow, anemia, abdominal distention and pushing on another structure and causing pain.
What will increase the size of a leiomyoma? (benign tumors from smooth muscle origin)
pregnancy or exposure to estrogen (oral constraceptives or estrogen replacement therapy)
Most ovarian cysts are __________ and regress spontaneously.
A follicular cysts originates from.....
a blocked follicle.
Which ovarian cysts is formed after ovulation?
luteal cyst
What are the two types of ovarian cysts?
follicular cyst and luteal cyst
Which cyst forms because there is no ovulation to shoot it out?
follicular cyst
What persists even after ovulation and no pregnancy with a luteal cyst?
corpeus luteum
Ovarian dysfunction associated with infrequent or absent menses in obese, infertile women.
Polycystic ovary syndrome
What is the presence in the ovaries with polycystic ovary syndrome?
multiple cysts in the ovaries
What are dx procedures for polycystic ovary syndrome?
ultrasound...looks like string of pearls

blood tests
What are blood test results with dx of polycystic ovary syndrome?
+ increased testosterone

+ LH, no LH spike to cause ovulation, so they don't ovulate

-insulin resistance (leading to type II diabetes

What is tx for polycystic ovary syndrome?
oral contraceptives to override the body hormones

loose weight (stop the TYPE II)

fertility drugs to get them to ovulate
What are the two types of ovarian tumors to know?
Benign Ovary Tumors

Functioning Ovarian Tumors
Which of the tumors can become malignant?
functioning ovarian tumors
What are the four types of BENIGN OVARY TUMORS?
-epithelial origin...cystadenomas

-endometriomas...chocolate cysts

-ovarian fibromas...connective tissue tumors of fibrocytes & collagen

-cystic teratomas (aka: dermoid cysts)
What do cystic teratomas originate from?
primordial germ cells...they have TEETH
What do ovarian fibromas originate from?
connective tissue...has collagen fibers, tough guys
What do endometriomas originate from?
Endometrial tissue on the ovary
Where do cystadenomas originate from?
epithelial origin...they are filled with serous or mucinous fluid. They are cystic.
What are the four types of benign ovary tumors?
What are the three types of Functioning Ovarian Tumors?
Estrogen Secreting

Androgen Secreting

Mixed Estrogen-Androgen Secreting
What makes them VERY different from benign ovary tumors?
they can become malignant and they secrete hormones
What is a specific type of functioning ovary tumor that secretes estrogen?
Granulose tumor....causes excessive bleeding
What does the androgen secreting functioning ovary tumor cause?
cancels out estrogen because it secretes testosterone. NO OVULATION and LOW estrogen production
What is the treatment for ovarian tumors?
functioning tumors: surgery

benign tumors: remove if problem
Absence of bleeding
Scanty menstruation
Infrequent menstration, periods more than 35 days apart
Excessive menstruation
Bleeding between periods