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What is the name of the GNR confirmatory test that has 4 different things to be read/interpreted?
TSI - Triple Sugar Iron
How is a TSI set up?
Innoculate the media w/ single colony to w/i 1/2 inch of the bottom and streak the wire up the slanted part of the agar. Cap loosely and incubate for 18 to 24 hours.
How are TSI results reported?
TSI butt - how read and recorded?
read as a color change - reported as "A" (acid) if yellow, "K" (alkaline) if red
TSI slant - how read and recorded?
reported as a color change - recorded as "A"(acid) for yellow and "K" (alkaline) for red
TSI gas - how read and recorded?
Read as tears or bubbles in the agar - recorded as + or -
TSI H2S - how read and recorded?
read as the presence or absence of a black color along the stab line - recorded as + or -
The black color from a + H2S may occassionally masks the color of the butt - if this happens how should it be recorded and why?
Recorded as yellow,"A"(acid) since all organisms that produce H2S also ferment glucose.
What three things are interprted w/ a SIM test?
H2S, indole, motility
How is a SIM test set up?
Innoculate the agar w/ single colony - stab to w/i 1/2 inch of the bottom. Cap loosely and incubate for 24 to 48 hours.
How is H2S read and recorded on a SIM test?
black color is positive, no black color is negative
How is motility read and recorded on a SIM test?
cloudy agar is +, clear agar (stab line is clearly visible) is -
After reading the H2S and motility on a SIM test, how is indole read and recorded?
Add 2-3 drops of indole reagent to the tube and observe for color change. Red color development w/i 10 seconds is a +, no red is a -.
How is a Simmons Citrate test set up?
Slant the slant with a wire, incubate with a loose cap
How is a Simmons Citrate test read and recorded?
If agar is blue it is positive, if it is green it is negative.
How is a Phenylalanine test set up?
Streak the slant and incubate w/ a loose cap
How is a phenylalanine test read and recorded?
Add 0.cml of FeCl solution to cover the growth and observe for immediate color change. Green is positive and no green is negative
How is a urea test set up?
Inncoulate the urea broth and incubate over night w/ a loose cap
How is a urea test read and recorded?
read as color change - Pink (bright) is a positive, Salmon is a weak positive, and yellow is negative.
Where is the swab for an oxidase spot test taken? Why?
Taken from BAP - MAC will give a false positive
How is an oxidase spot test done and read/recorded?
Pick up colony off of BAP w/ swab and drop a couple of drops of oxidase reagent on it. A positive test will turn dark purple in 10-20 seconds. A negative test does not develop color.
Pres ID:
Pink colonies on MAC, beta hemolysis, sour milk odor
beta E. coli
Pres ID:
Pink colonies on MAC, gamma hemolysis, sour milk odor
gamma E. coli
Pres ID:
Pink colonies, gamma hemolysis, slimy, mucoid colonies
Pres ID:
No growth on MAC, gamma hemolysis
Pres ID:
BAP brown, gamma hemolysis, tan colonies on MAC
Pres ID:
Tan irregular colonies, turns clear agars green, beta/double beta hemolysis, fruity odor, metallic sheen
Pres ID:
tan colonies, gamma hemolysis, boring