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Define asepsis
absence of living pathogenic microbes
Define aseptic technique
body of practices designed to maintain an area and objects as free of all microorganisns as possible
define sterilization
use of a process to rid an object of all living microbes
Define cold steriliation
sterilization by immersing objects in bactericidal chemical solutions
Define elective
procedures done by choice, not immediately req to alleviate dz or injury - may prevent future problems or be cosmetic
Define non-elective
procedures done to alleviate signs of disease or injury
Explain the sterilization method of dry heat
flaming/baking - does not dull sharp edges - 320 degrees for 1-2 hours
explain the sterilization method of boiling
212 degrees for 30 minutes - poss contamination during cooling
explain the sterilization method of steam heat
autoclaving, dulls sharp edges, - 250 degrees for 15-20 minutes
What is the sterilization method of ethylene oxide gas used for?
heat sensitive objects
Who uses the sterilization method of radiation? For what?
the manufacturer - scalpels, sutures, staples
Explain the cold sterilization method - what used for?
not true sterilization as it does not kill spores - used for enstruments not used in a sterile environment
What are three indicators of sterilization?
autoclave tape, indicator strips, gas indicator tape (turns red w/ gas contact)
Are instruments autoclaved in a loced or unlocked position? Why?
Unlocked - prevents warping or loss of compression
Where should a sterilized pack be stored?
In a cool, dry, closed cabinet
How long is a cloth double-wrapped pack good for?
3 months
How long is a paper double wrapped pack good for?
6 months
How long is a plastic wrapped pack good for?
12 months