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Aka Bride Price. A customary gift given from the husband and his kin to the wife and her kin.
Bride service
Involves the husband residing with and working for his wife’s parents group for a specified amount of time.
The goods a bride brings to her husband.
a descent group that reckons descent through a common ancestor and has a sense of collective identity but is unable to genealogically reconstruct the exact connections.
from the French for "half", a society organized into two large descent groups, each with it's own specific functions.
a symbol (usually an animal, plant or special inanimate object) used by a clan which holds special significance.
a status based on birth. One belongs to one's parent's caste, and can't usually move out of it.
a banding together of several clans with an extension of kinship rights to one another while retaining distinct identities.
sexual relations with a close relative (defined by the culture). All countries have taboos against incest.
marriage within one's kin group
marriage outside of one's kin group
1. fellowship; comradeship.
2. an association or society.
Ascribed status
an inherited position in the social structure
Achieved status
position in a social structure dependent upon personal qualifications and individual ability
Nuclear family
a family consisting of husband, wife, and their unmarried children
Extended family
consits of the nuclear family and other family members bound together as a social unit
the marriage of one husband to more than one wife
the marriage of one wife to more than one husband
generally the marriage of 1 male spouse to 1 female spouse
If the husband dies, the widow generally marries one of his brothers.
if the wife dies, the husband's group asks the wife's group for a substitute (often a sister)
Neolocal residence patterns
newlyweds establish their won household separate from that of their families. This is a rare pattern.
Patrilocal residence patterns
aka Virilocal
newlyweds move in with, or near to, the husband's kin
Matrilocal residence patterns
aka Uxorilocal
newlyweds move in with, or near to, the wife's kin
Fictive kinship
are people neither consanguineally nor affinally related that are brought into one's family circle through the use of arbitrary kinship terms, such as a good frind called "Uncle".
a group of people that trace descent down fater's side
a group of people that trace descent down mother's side
Consanguineal (kin)
family embers related by birth (blood)
Affinal (kin)
are people related by marriage (one's spouse and his/her cosanguineal kin
Cross cousins
are the children of opposite-sexed siblings