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Good morning, Don Hernán!
Buenos días Don Hernán!
Good morning, Don José!
Buenos días Don José!
Come in!
Make yourself at home!
Ta wotoch yanech!
What will you have?
Ba’ax ken a maneh?
What will you take?
Ba’ax ken a biseh?
What do you want me to buy?
Ba’ax a k’áat ká in maneh?
What do I want you to buy?
Ba’ax in k’áat ká a maneh?
All these things.
Tu láakal le ba’al(o’)oba’.
I don’t want to buy those things.
Má’ in k’áat in man (l)e ba’al(o’)obo’.
I just came to visit you.
Chen tàalen in xíimba tech.
I just want to chat with you.
Chen in k’áat tzikbal ta wéetel.
Fine! Sit down!
Má’alob’! Kulen.
How are you?
Bix yanilech?
Fine, thank you!
Má’alob’, dios bó’otik!
Listen, Don Hernán, what’s the name of that thing?
Ú’uye(h), Don Hernán, ba’ax u k’àaba’ le ba’alo’?
That is called a bucket.
Lelo’ u k’àaba’e’ chóoy.
I forgot. I have to buy a bucket and… how is it said in Maya… a rope?
Tú’ub ten, K’a bét in manik um pé cóoy y éeteh… bix yá’al(a’)al ich Maya… soga?
Well, it’s called sùum.
Pues, ku yá’al(a’)al sùum.
Well, I need [a] rope, too.
Bueno, k’a bét ten sùum xan.
How much is it?
Bahux u tohol?
This one costs seven pesos.
Lela’ siete pesos u tohol.
Let’s see what else I need.
Ko’ox ilik ba’ax u láak k’a bét ten.
Do you need honey or chocolate?
K’a bét tech kàab wá chukwa’?
What does chukwa’ mean?
Ba’ax u k’át í’(á’)al chukwa’?
Chukwa’ means chocolate.
Chukwá’e’ u k’áat í’(a’)ale’ chocolate.
And kàab, what does it mean?
Kux túun kàab, ba’ax u k’át í’(a’)aleh?
It means, in English, honey.
U k’át í’(a’)al, ich Inglese’, honey.
Are you thirsty?
Uk’ahech a k’át?
Do you want to drink?
Why not! Give me some water to drink!
Bix má’ih! Cháa ten um píit ha’ in wuk’eh.
Well, I need to go now.
Má’alob, k’a bét im bin be’ hora(h)a’.
I must go help that companion of mine.
Yan im bin in wáant in wét tàalo’.
If you want, I’ll take you to see my house.
Wá a k’áate’, hé’ im biskech a wil ín taanaho’.
Very well, let’s go!
Sèen má’alob, ko’ox.
I’ll help you with these things.
Hé’ in wáantikech y éetel (l)e bá’alo’oba’.