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Hola suku'un!
Hi there, brother!
Ba’ax kawalik tech?
What do you say?
Mix ba’al.
Kux tech bix a beel?
And you, how are you?
Chem beya’.
So so.
Hach ki’imak in wóol in wilikech.
I’m very happy to see you.
Bey xan ten.
Me too.
Hola Luisa, bax ka betik tech?
Hi, Luisa, what are you doing?
Cen mix baah.
Nothing at all.
Tuux ka bin?
Where are you going?
Mix tuux.
Tene’ tin bin xiimbal.
Me, I’m going for a walk.
Tene’ tin cham bin h máan.
Me, I’m just going shopping.
Bueno paatik in bin.
Well, I think I'll go.
Ka xik tech ut’zil.
Good luck to you!
Hasta saamal!
(So long) until tomorrow!
Ba’an ku béetik Julio?
What is Julio doing?
Táan u cham bin h xiimbal.
He’s taking a little walk.
Tuun ku bin leti’?
Where is he going?
Leti’ xane’ ku bin kiwik.
He’s going to the square, too.