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Fordism era lead to an increase in
Availability of jobs for youth
Young people more senstive to economic changes
Young people are victims of economic and occupational restructuring.
1980s employment =
restrictions on number of hours and cut wages
Young workers scheme/new workers scheme
1982-1988. offered subsitities to employers, paid youth below average wages
Result of responses of state to youth unemployment
More dependent on parents and more loans
Name of vocational course
Unified Vocational Prep
Yop? what was it?
Youth opportunities program- gave work experience to unemployed youth
youth training scheme- temp work for school leavers
Education act that gave parents a choice of where to send their kids for school
1980 education act
What gave parents information about kids schools
1991 Parents charter. gave info about performance, league tables, annual reports
national curriculum for 5-16 year olds
1988 education reform act
2 main trends of employment
deskilling and restructuring
Who developed LSD? what year
Albert Hoffman 1943