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What is the current world population?

Humans ever born?

Define individual uniqueness.
6.5 billion

100 billion

The likelihood for identical siblings(not thru identical twining) is 1 in 70 trillion
Brain and Mind-
What are viral diseases?

What is a stroke?

What is another disease concerning the brain?
Viral encephalitis-first time

blood bessel bleeds

Alzheimer's disease
Biological Organisms-
How many neurons are in a flatworm brain?

how many neurons are in a human brain?

what is said about these two?
several hundred neurons

100 billion to 1 trillion nuerons

their neurons are essentially the same
Earth's seasons-
what is the cause of the earth's seasons?
the earth's axis of rotation is tilted in its orbital plane
-nearly circular orbit
-tilted axis of rotation at 23.5 degree of arc
Age of Sun, Earth, and Life-
What is the age of the solar system?

Remaining life of the sun?

Origin of life?
4.55 billion years

4 billion years

3.5 billion years
Physical Basic of Life-
Greater than_____of the mass of living organisms is composed of____________________________?

All elements_____are?
95% of the mass

carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen