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I am hungry.
배가 고파요./배고파요.
I feel munchy.(Literally, my mouth is bored.)
입이 심심해요.
I am starving.
배고파 죽겠어요.
I am full.
배가 불러요./배불러요.
I am stuffed.(Literally, I would die of being full.)
배(가)불러 죽겠어요.
I am thirsty.(Literally, My throat is dry.)
목이 말라요./목말라요.
(What) would you like to order?
(뭐) 시킬래요?(used between customers)

(뭐) 주문하시겠어요?(used by waiter/waiteress)- more polite
Thank you for the food.
(I will eat well/deliciously.)

Thank you for the food.
(I ate well/deliciously.)
잘/맛있게 먹겠습니다.

잘/맛있게 먹었습니다.
How many of you?
몇 분이세요?
Our specialty is 냉면.
저희 집은 냉면이 전문이에요.
Give more water/side dishes, please.
물/반찬 좀 더 주세요.
Please give (me/us) the check.
계산서 좀 주세요.
Welcome!(Come on in!)
어서 오세요!
Just a moment, please.
잠시만/잠깐만 기다려 주세요.
Please come again.
또 오세요