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What does yoga mean?
to join or yoke together the body and mind
Where and when did yoga originate?
in India more than 5,000 years ago.
When did they find evidence of yoga?
They found stone carvings in yoga postures in the 1920's.
What year did yoga come to the US?
When did you yoga become popular?
In the 60's because the youth became interested with anything to do in teh Eastern culture.
What are the benefits of Yoga?
-improved flexibility
-awareness of body and mind connection
-increased strength, suppleness, and stamina
-enhancement of balance, posture, agility, and grace
-improve digestion
-reduced anxiety
-alleviates specific systems
When is yoga practiced and why?
-traditionally in the morning to give you energy
-afternoon practice gives you slightly less resistance
-evening pracitice is for relaxation
How does yoga cause relaxation?
-poses remove anxieties and mental anguish
-body begins to restore itself
What are some recommendations before practicing yoga?
-clean, quiet, dry environment
-eat small meal one hour before or a big meal 3 hours before
-avoid drinking alot before yoga
What is asana?
pose; body postures that cleanse and tone our bodies from the inside out
What is drishti?
-the gaze points in yoga that assist one to deepen concentration; bringing your concentration inward to invisible tools
What are suryanamaskaras?
sun salutations that are used to warm the body
What are mudras?
literally translates "to delight in"; symbolic hand gestures that concentrate and channel flow in teh body
What is pranayama?
-control of the vital and psychic energy in the body through breathing practices
-prana=energy, strength
- ayama= length, restraint, expansion
-to control breathing as a method to control your mind
What is ujjayi breath?
-deep thoracic breathing (from the rib cage) that moves from the back of the throat down to the heart and throughout the body
What are bandhas?
- 3 types: 1. Jalandhara, uddiyana, mulu
-energy support locks or seals that help as well as strengthening abs adn low back muscles
-help you to be in proper alignment
-aid in parayama
What is jalandhara bandha?
chin lock; lengthening fo the cerrical spine; restraint of jugular notch
-breathing throught the glottis at the back of throat
What is uddiyana bandha?
"flying up lock"; lower abdomen organs drawn in and up (lifting abdomen from pubic bone to navel)
-benefits are abdominal toninig, fat reduction, massaging intestines, reducing constipation
What is mula bandha?
energy technique; contraction of the perineum (section of the pelvic floor)
What is the breath used in yoga?
Deep ujjayi breathing
What are the locks in yoga?
What is the flying abdominal lock?
uddiyana bandha
What is the chin lock?
jalandhara bandha
What is vinyasa flow?
- moving from one pose to another to the speed of your own breath
What is the gaze in yoga?
drishti; drawing your awareness to the internal factors
What are the 3 steps of yoga used in the western world?
1. Asanas - poses/postures
2. pranayama - breath control (helps reduce tension)
3. dharana - concentration
What are the 8 steps of yoga?
1. niyamas - behaviors (in a genuine manner)
2. yamas - moderation (non-violence)
3. asanas - poses/postures
4. pranayama - breath control (helps reduce tension)
5. pratyahara - control of senses (reduces distractions)
6. dharana - concentration
7. dhyana - meditation (the art of not doing)
8. samadhi - self-realization through meditation (going beyond consciousness) (utter happiness)
What does prana mean?
breath, energy, strength, life force
What means victorious or breath in the back of the throat?
What should you do to the muscle opposite the one you're trying to stretch?
Contract it.
What is not one of the guidelines of yoga?
to arrive relaxed
What should we do to neutrally align our spine?
engage our bandhas
What terminology does yoga come from?
Why do we do sun salutations?
to warm the body
What is composed of a focal point, breathing, bandhas, etc?
balancing pose
What kind of yoga is performed in a room that is hotter than 100 degrees?
What kind of yoga is physically challenging and was founded by Sir K Pattabhi?
Ashtanga (power yoga)
What came first? Hinduism or yoga?
What means steady, posture, poise, and balance?
Is there only one type of yoga?
no. there are many different types.
What should be used in breathing?
the glottis
Should the belly be rising and falling in ujjayi breath?
What is the definition of yoga?
a physical and mental exercise to create unity between the mind and th body
What is a mudrah?
symbolic hand gestures; "to delight in"
What kind of breathing is ujjayi breath?
deep thorasic breathing
What is meditation?
to focus on one thing or nothing indefinitely