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What is the basic DoN regulation governing the Navy Personnel Security Program?
SECNAVINST 5510.30A, Department of the Navy Personnel Security Program.
What Navy official is responsible for ensuring that the DoN has an effective PSP and for complying with all directives issued by a higher authority?
CNO (N09N)
Who is the senior security official of the DoN?
NCIS (Director, Naval Criminal Investigative Service)
Who is the personnel security adjudicative determination authority for all DoN personnel?
DONCAF (Directer, Department of Navy Central Adjudication Facility)
What command official must ensure all personnel executed a Classified Information Nondisclosure Agreement (SF 312) prior to granting initial acces to classified information?
Security Manager
How must security assistants be designated?
In writing.
Who serves as the command's point of contact for all INFOSEC matters and implements the command's INFOSEC program?
Information Systems Security Mangaer (ISSM)
Who is repsonsible to the CO for managing and administering the SCI security program?
SSO (Special Security Officer)
What is the goald of the Security Education Program?
To develop fundamental security habits as a natural element of each task.
How often must refresher briefings be conducted for all personnel who have access to classified information?
How often must counterintelligence briefings be conducted for personnel who have access to information classified Secret and above?
Every two years.
A command debriefing is required for an individual who no longer requires access to classified information as a result of PCS orders to another command:

What command debriefing does NOT require a Security Termination Statement?
When an individual transfers from the parent command to the reporting command.
Command Security Debriefing uses what form?
OPNAV 5511/14 (Security Termination Statement)
What is placed on the three lines at the top of the Security Termination Statement?
The command, agency, or activity's name and mailing address.