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Who is on your yellowshirt board?
QA Rep
Line Div LPO
Line Div LCPO
Line Divo
Safety Dep. Rep
Pilot (op)
Who okays all plane moves?
Maintence Control
When do you not need wing or tail walkers?
Once the A/C is well clear of all obstructions and on center line of designated taxi/runway.
Who has to be present to move planes in and out of hangar?
Maint CPO, or Safe For Flight E-6
After a plane move what do you do?
Brakes, chocks, grounding strap, remove tow bar
Who recomends plane handler deignations?
Line Divo
What position should the APU fire safety switch be in after moving an A/C into the hangar?
Before you reposition the towbar, what actions should you take as yellow shirt?
Ensure brakes are on and chocks are in.
Where do you find the required number of tie down chains per weather condition?
Non-Nampsop: Plane handler/move requirements
What is required to drive on the flight line?
SE License & Ramp Stamp
Self-propelled SE/vehicles shall not be driven within how many feet of an A/C with out a safety observer?
10 Feet
During ground maintenance turns how many of the A/C strobe lights have to be operating?
1 (top recomended)
Can you perform a maintenance turn with out strobe lights?
ICS systems shall be used when personnel are working or entering the safety diamond during a ground maint. turn.
During reduced visibility and darkness hours
Where do you connect the ICS cord during a ground maint. turn?
Nose wheel well, ICS connection box
When can the ladder be extended on a turn?
When engines 3 and/or 4 are running.
When should you not perform man on the stand turns?
Durring incliment weather and at night.
Where should the B4 stand be positioned during a man on the stand turn?
On either side of the engine, aft of the prop arch.
How should the wheels on the B4 stand be positioned?
-Two diagonally opposite , parrallel to prop arch
-Two diagonally opposite perpendicular to prop arch.
During a man of the stand turn, what things should be safety wired?
Who can approve a man on the stand turn at night?
When can you enter the safety diamond when props are turning?
-Water sep bag
-Man on the Stand
-Huffer start
During a man on the stand turn what is the minimum amount of people needed? Who are they?
Which turns require a brief with Maint. Control? What are they?
-Man on the Stand
-Water sep bag
Where can you go to find info about SE?
NA 00-80-T-96
Where can you go to find info about stress pannels?
NAVAIR 01-75PAA-2-1
When do all stress pannels have to be installed?
-Jacking an A/C
Where can you go to find info on A/C handling and securing procedures?
NA 01-75PAA-2-1 WP:09
When do you need chock walkers?
-Incliment weather
-Inoperable Brakes
When should you not have a break rider in the flight station?
-Inoperable Brakes
-No Breaks
What are the dimensions of a P-3C Orion?
Wing Span: 99'8"
Length: 116'10"
Height to top of fin (antenna): 34'3"
Top of fin (antenna) to lower skin: 24'4"
(NA 17-1-537 WP009)
How do you tow an A/C with the nose raised?
Nose wheel dolly (NA 17-1-537 WP 009)
How do you tow an A/C using the main landing gear?
... (NA 17-1-537 WP 009)
What types of chains do we have?
TD-1A (NA 17-1-537 WP 012)
What do you use to clean TD-1A/B?
Dry Cleaning Solvent (NA 17-1-537 WP 012)
What do you use to lubricate TD-1A/B?
VVL 800 (NA 17-1-537 WP 012)
How often do you inspect chains in preservation?
180 Day (NA 17-1-537 WP 012)
What manual do you look to find preservation requirements for tie down chains?
-OPNAV 4790.2
-NAVAIR 17-1-125
How often should you inspect chains that are NOT in preservation?
3 Months (NA 17-1-537 WP 012)
When inspecting chains what do you look for?
-Corrosion (NA 17-1-537 WP 012)
What is the purpose of the 1B pump?
Brakes (NA 01-75-PAC-1, 2-94)
How long does it take to charge the No 1 hydraulic system when moving an A/C with the 1B pump?
3 Min (NA 01-75-PAC-1, 2-94)
Where are the emergency brake control handles located?
To the right of the pilot seat (NA 01-75-PAC-1, 2-95)
Can you close bombay doors when ICS is unavailable?
Hand Signals (NA 01-75-PAC-1, 7-6)
What is the safest distance to stand when radar is being transmitted on an A/C?
250 Feet (NA 01-75-PAC-1, 3-5)
How do you know when radar is being transmitted?
-Both strobe lights
-Nose wheel well lights
(NA 01-75-PAC-1, 3-5)
Where can you find hand signals for opening and cloing bomb bay doors?
NAVAIR 01-75-PAC-1 WP007
How is the safety diamond on a P-3 defined?
5 Feet from from wing tips, nose, aft of madboom (NA 01-75-PAC-1, 3-7)
Where can you find information on the fuel surveillance program?
4790.2H Vol.5 CH.3
Where do you take fuel samples?
At each lowpoint drain (4790.2H Vol.5)
How many lowpoint drains are their?
If the A/C has just been moved or fueled, how long should you wait to take fuel samples?
2 Hours (4790.2H Vol5)
What are the procedures for taking fuel samples within the 2-hour time frame?
...(4790.2H Vol.5)
When should fuel be taken?
-24 Hours before flight
-Inbetween flights (4790.2H Vol.5)
What is the purpose of waiting 2 hrs before taking fuel samples?
the let contamination settle to lowpoint drains (4790.2H Vol.5)
Approximately how much feul should you take from each low point drain?
1 pint (4790.2H Vol.5)
What PPE has to be worn while taking fuel samples?
-splash proof/chem resistant goggles
-chem resistant gloves (4790.2H Vol.5)
Who is authorized to inspect fuel samples?
-A/C (4790.2H Vol.5)
Where can you go to find info on the FOD Prevention Program?
Where can you go to find info on the Tool Control Program?
4790.2 Vol5 CH 13
What are the procedures after discovering a missing tool?
Notify Sup. (who notifies M/C), Fill out report, report taken to QA, QA Officer recomends action (4790.2H Vol.5)
Who is authorized to revoke SE licenses?
4790.2 Vol5 CH17
WHat istances will cause your license to be revoked?
-Missuse & Abuse
-Unsafe Handling
-Safety Infraction
-Loss of base driving priv.
How long are SE Licenses valid?
3 years
What is the strength of an incorrectly installed chain?
6,000lbs (NA 17-1-537 WP003)
What is the flashpoint of JP-5?
How far do you have to be away from a fueling A/C to smoke?
100 Feet (NA01-75PAC-01)
How long do you keep pre-op 52 cards?
30 Days (4790.2H Vol.5)
How long do you keep fuel sample records?
3 Months
How much fuel do you drain when you have a bad sample?
1-3 gallons (4790.2H Vol.5)
What is the max amount of fuel you can drain for fuel samples before you have to de-fuel the tank?
10 gal (4790.2H Vol.5)
How do you clean fuel sample jars?
With clean fuel (4790.2H Vol.5)
What are the 4 things you do after a recovery?
-Check for hot brakes
-Apply brakes
-Grounding Strap
What percentage of fastners can be missing on any panel?
10% (4790.2H Vol.5)
How many fasteners can be missing on a stress panel?
None (4790.2H Vol.5)
Where exactly are missing fasteners not allowed?
...(4790.2H Vol.5)
How many danger areas are there?
List the 13 danger ares:
1. Nose Radar
2. Nose Wheel Well
3. Air Multiplier
4. Apu intake/exhaust
5. Bombay
6. Props
7. Wing Flaps
8. Wing Flap Extension Line
9. Main Mounts/ Wheel wells
10. Ladder
11. Sono chutes
12. Cabin Exhaust
13. Aft Radar