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name the category for these herbs:
chuan bei mu
qian hu
zhu ru
transform hot phlegm
these two herbs are used together to treat wind cold damp bi
du huo and qiang huo
cool acrid herb that treats voice loss
chan tui
clears summer heat damp via urine
hua shi
cool acrid herb that is cooked for only 3-5 minutes
bo he
primary function of xing ren
relieve cough & wheeze
what category?
san qi, bai ji, ai ye
stop bleeding
2 herbs that nourish the blood and also moisten the intestine
dang gui & he shou wu
this herb clears heat in the blood and dissipates nodules
lian qiao
3 herbs that tonify lung yin
sha shen, mai men dong, tian men dong
this herb binds the intestines, stops diarrhea, warms the middle jiao and moves qi
rou dou kou
this qi tonic herb is most well known for tonifying the spleen
bai zhu
this herb warms & tonifies the blood, regulates menses, moistens intesttines, unblocks bowels, redness, swelling and pain
dang gui
this purgative herb is contraindicated for pregnancy
da huang
What are the tastes for sheng di huang?
bitter and sweet
flavors and category of cang zhu
acrid bitter warm
aromatic transform damp
indications for bai shao
damp heat from deficiency, subcostal pain, paleness, fatuge, irritability, pale nails
functions and category of bai bu
moistens the lung, kills parasites & lice
relieve cough & wheeze
functions and category of mu li
anchor, settle calm, abdominal acidity, brings yang down
herb that binds the intestine, stops diarrhea and warms the middle?
rou dou kou
herb that clears heat& cools blood, invigorates blood and dispels blood stasis
mu dan pi