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What is meant by the term dual innervation with regards to the autonomic nervous system?
Innervation of an organ by both PSNS and SNS. Pretty much most organ systems of the blood. However, blood vessels are only innervated by sympathetics
Which is the predominant system for innervating tone and what are the exceptions?
Parasympathetics is predominating system with the blood vessels and sweat glands having sympathetics as the exception
What receptor of the sympathetics has no affinity for Norepinephrine?
Beta 2s
What sympathetic receptors have affinity for Epinephrine?
Alpha 1, Alpha 2, Beta 1, and Beta 2
In blood vessels what is known as the extrajunctional receptor and what does innervation of it cause?
The beta 2 has no affinity for Norepi and is an extrajunctional receptor. Innervation causes vasodilation (recall at low doses there is a vasodilatory effect on blood vessels with epi)
In the context of sweat glands postganglionic fibers release what kind of neurotransmitter to bind to what type of receptor?
Acetylcholine is released to bind to adrenergic receptors
What happens if you activate the PSNS all at once?
Therefore, regional specificity is essential
Between the SNS and PSNS which is the energy expending system?
In the male sex organ what is the purpose of the PSNS and the SNS?
PSNS is show
SNS is go!
What are the 5 criteria that define what makes a neurotransmitter?
Synthesis in a nerve
Stored in a vesicle
Released by a nerve (measured electrically)
Recognized and have affinity for a receptor