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what is the most commonly torn muscle in the rotator cuff?
what is the sergeant patch distribution? what muscle is most affected? when is it felt?
distribution of pain that occurs when someone sleeps on their shoulder.
Deltoid- abduction past 90 Degrees
evening hours
what population usually gets AC arthritis? when is the pain felt and where?
pop: weight lifters and elderly
motion: seen in forward motion of the arms
felt: anterior complex
how does the pt describe a labral tear? what type of pain is associated with this tear? who does this occur in?
pt: pain as deep and on the anterior portion
pain: deep sharp intermittent pain that occurs w/ certain motions that they cannot delineate well and will become a dull ache.
can occur in young pts when they fall hard on their shoulder
what must you do in biceps tendonitis?
Check both arms and compare because most people don’t like you tweaking their biceps tendon.
what do you do in a physical exam for a shoulder? what muscles correspond to each test?
test deltoid muscle- deltoid
test abduction- supraspinatus
test external rotators- teres minor and infraspinatus
test internal rotators- deltoid, subscapularis, T major
what shoulder issue is MC in diabetic pts?
frozen shoulder (adhesive capsulitis)
if no deltoid muscle strenth, what should you think?
cervical spine problems
which test is specific for supraspinatus?
empty can test
what is the hawkin's impingement sign?
-take pt to 90 degrees and move shoulder forward and across. If there is inflammation in rotator cuff usually there will also be inflammation in the subacromial bursa and the greater tuberosity will pinch it.
what is the o'briens test? what is this test indicative of? what do you do next?
pt's tumb down and arm across their chest. pt moves arm superior and dr. resists, Positive test is pain d/t inflammation in the rotator cuff or labral tear. next do a speeds test to differentiate between the two.
what is the speed's test? what does a negative speed test indicate? positive?
pt's arm is straight and slightly abducted and they move the arm up.
if speeds test is negative then its a labral tear
if speeds test is positive its a rotate cuff inflammation
Positive O breins + negative speeds test =
labral tear
positive O'briens + positive speeds test =
rotator cuff inflammation
what test should you consider for a suspect labral tear or rotator cuff tear?

fyi w/o contrast --> rotator cuff tear
w. arthrogram --> labral tear
how do you tx rotator cuff tears?
conservative first- NSAIDs, PT, rest
more aggressive later: cortisone shot, surgery
what population is acromioclavicular arthritis seen in? how do you tx it/
weight lifters
tx: NSAIDs, PT, injections, if injections don't work, you can do decompression surgery
what are the 2 types of bicep tendonitis? what are they called?
1) new- less than 3 months is tendopathy (consider potential of rupture)
2) old- after 3 months called tendinosis (no inflammtory cells at this point--> boggy and difficult)
how do you diagnose biceps tendonitis on a physical?
US- see swelling in tendon sheath
2 tests: speeds test and yergason
what is yergason?
pronation and internal rotation (usually long head of biceps)
what is the cause of biceps tendonitis? how do you tx it?
injury or repetitive trauma; tx: PT, rest, NSAIDs, US, injection, sometimes surgery