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Give two examples of Vin Doux Naturel.
2004 Domaine Bouletin Muscat de Beaumes de Venise (375ml)

2003 Cornet et Cie Banyuls (500ml)
Give two examples of Vin de Liqueur.
Brillet Pineau des Charentes

F.M. de la Villière Pineau des Charentes Rouge
Give two examples of a wine-based apéritif.
Vermouths: Punt e Mes (Carpano, Italy, bitters); Chambéry (Dolin, France); Cinzano Rosso (Cinzano, Italy)

VDN-based: Dubonnet (VDN + quinine, orange peel, herbs); Lillet; St Raphael)
Give examples of a non-wine-based apéritif.
Pastis: Ricard, Pernod, Aquavit.

Other: Campari, Cynar, Amer Picon
Give examples of Cognacs from different age levels.
VS or 3-star (30 months): Remy-Martin

VO, VSOP, Reserve (4-1/2 years): Kelt VSOP

Extra, XO, Vieux (6 yrs): Kelt XO
Give examples of Armagnac from different age levels.
VSOP (5 yrs)- Samalens

XO (6 yrs)- Larresingle; Janneau
Give examples of a tawny and a vintage Port.
Tawny: Dow's 20 yr Tawny

Vintage: Gould Campbell 1983
Give examples of different styles of sherry.
Lustau Solera Reserva Puerto Fino

Lustau Solera Reserva Amontillado

Hidalgo Manzanilla
Give examples of a non-botrytis dessert wine.
'90 Domaine Pichot Moelleux Vouvray

2004 Mission Hill S.L.C. Riesling Icewine
What are the aging requirements for Champagne?
NV-15 months sur lee

Vintage-3 year minimum.
List some Franciacorta
Ca' del Bosco Brut NV
List some Prosecco
Foss Marai NV
List some Moscato d'Asti
List some botrytized Old World dessert wines
1990 Wirsching TBA Sylvaner(Franken)
List some non-botrytized Old World dessert wines
2001 Telmo Rodriguez "Molino Real" Malaga
List some botrytized New World dessert wines
2004 Mission Hill S.L.C. Riesling Icewine

2003 Chateau Ste Michelle White Riesling Columbia Valley Ice Wine Reserve
List some non-botrytized New World dessert wines
Chambers Rare Muscat (Solera to 1890) (Rutherglen)

Chambers Grand Muscat (Solera to 70 yrs)

2004 Thurston Wolfe JTW Port
List 3 Rosé Champagnes
List 2 Rosé non-Champagnes
-Krug Brut Rosé (NV, Reims, 30C/50P/20M) $450
-Billecart-Salmon Brut Rosé (NV, Mareuil-Sur-Ay, 50C/30P/20M) $135
-Camille Savès Brut Rosé (NV, Grand Cru, Bouzy, blend unk) $195
-2001 Soter Beacon Hill Brut Rosé (NV, Yamhill Cty, OR, 65C/35P)
-Lucien Albrecht Crémant d'Alsace Brut Rosé (NV 100P)
4 Producers of Sparkling Wines outside Champagne
-'99 Argyle Knudsen Vineyard Brut, BdB, Willamette Valley, OR $40
-NV Segura Viudas Heredad Brut Reserva Cava, Torrelavit, SPN $45
-'04 Schramsberg Brut BdB, CA $60
-'00 Domaine Huet Brut Pétillant, Vouvray $70
3 Producers of Blanc de Blancs Champagne
-Jean Milan Spécial, Brut BdB, Grand Cru, Oger (NV) $70
-Jacques Selosse Initiale BdB, Avize (NV, The "classic" Brut. Bdb. Blend of 3 vintages; aged 2 years BD) $175
-Pierre Peters Cuvée Reserve, Brut BdB (Le Mesnil-sur-Oger, firm, with immense depth, minerality with fruit concentration "Krug-like") $70
Producers of Prestige BdB
'95 Krug "Clos du Mesnil" $900
'82 Salon "Le Mesnil" (Mesnil-sur-Oger) $475
'98 Taittinger "Comtes de Champagne" (Reims) $325?
Producers of Blanc de Noir
'97 Bollinger "Vieilles Vignes Françaises"
'97 Jacquesson "Blanc de Noirs d'Aÿ"
3 New World Chardonnays
-'06 Rochioli Chardonnay, RRV, Sonoma (Tom R., winemaker) $95
-'06 Domaine Drouhin Arthur Chardonnay, Dundee Hills, OR $65
-'05 Januik Cold Creek Vineyard, Col. Valley $55
3 Old World Sauvignon Blanc
-'05 Patient Cottat Vieilles Vignes, Sancerre $45
-'05 Domaine Thomas Generation XIX, Sancerre $125
-'04 Didier Dagueneau Pur Sang Blanc Fumé de Pouilly $175
3 New World Sauvignon Blanc
-'06 Craggy Range Te Muna Road Vineyard S.B., Martinborough, NZ $45
-'04 Jardin, S.B., Stellenbosch, SA
2 Old World Pinot Gris/Grigio

2 New World Pinot Gris
-'05 Alois Lageder Benefizim Porer P.G., Alto Adige $50
-'05 Jermann Pinot Grigio, Venezia Giulia $60

-'05 King Estate Domaine P.G., OR $50
-'06 St. Innocent Vitae Springs Vineyard P.G., Willamette Valley, OR (Mark Vlossak, wnmkr) $60
2 Old World Chenin Blanc
-'06 Domaine Pichot Vouvray Sec $30
-'04 Nicolas Joly "Les Clos Sacrés" Savennières $60
3 Old World Rieslings

2 New World Rieslings
-'04 Robert Weil Kiedrich Gräfenberg Spätlese Riesling, Rheingau $135
-'04 FX Pichler Loibner Steinertal Smaragd Riesling, Wachau, AUS (Dry!) $125
-'02 Marcel Deiss Schoenenbourg (Riesling w/ P.G., Gewurz, Muscat: Foie match?), G.C., Alsace $190

-'06 Craggy Range Fletcher Family Vineyard, Marlborough, NZ $55
-'06 CSM Cold Creek Vineyard, Col. Valley $30
Old/New World Viognier
-'05 Chapoutier Invitare Condrieu $140
-'05 Jade Mountain Viognier, Napa $55
Grüner Veltliner
-'06 Knoll Federspiel Grüner Veltliner, Wachau $55
3 Chablis
-'04 Louis Michel & Fils Chablis $60
-'01 Domaine François Raveneau Montée de Tonnerre, P.C. Chablis $295
-'04 René et Vincent Dauvissat Les Clos G.C. $160

Dauvissat=Meursault and Raveneau=Puligny.
Dauvissat=Pfalz and Raveneau=Rheingau.

Other producers: Domaine Laroche, Christian Moreau, Domaine Servin
3 White Burgundy
-'05 Olivier Leflaive "Les Caillerets" P.C. Chassagne Montrachet $165
-'01 Henri Boillot "Les Perrières" P.C. Meursault $295
-'05 Les Héritiers du Comte Lafon, Macon $55
3 New World Cabernet Sauvignon
-'02 Ristow Estate Quinta de Pedras Vineyard $95
-'85 Beaulieu Vineyards Georges de Latour Private Reserve, Napa $230
-'04 Long Shadows Feather, Col. Valley (Randy Dunn, Dunn Vineyards) $145
-'05 Susana Balbo Malbec, Mendoza $50
3 New World Pinot Noir
-'05 Clos Henri, Marlborough $75 (Henri Bourgeois, Sancerre)
-'05 Radio-Coteau La Neblina, Sonoma Coast $110 (also do Syrah, Zin; S.Coast and RRV)
-'01 Brick House Cuvée du Tonnelier, Willamette Valley (Doug Tunnell, Newberg, OR) $160
2 New World Cab Franc
-'03 Colvin Vineyards, Chelle den Pleasant Vineyards, Col. Valley, WA $55
-Soter Little Creek Vineyard, Napa Valley, CA $175 (Etude, cnsltd for Araujo, Shafer et al.)
2 New World Syrah
-'03 Copain Hawks Butte, Yorkville Highlands (SE Mendocino Cty, near Sonoma Cty Border; Wells Guthrie worked for Chapoutier 2 yrs) $105
-'04 Betz La Côte Rousse, Red Mountain $145
2 Australian Shiraz
-'05 John Duval Entity, Barossa Valley $85
-'05 Two Hands Bella's Garden, Barossa Valley $130
1 New World Grenache

1 Old World Grenache
-'05 Betts and Scholl "The Chronique" Barossa Valley Grenache $80

-'00 Chateau Rayas Réservé Chateauneuf-du-Pape $295 (Emmanuel Reynaud, Jacque's nephew)
2 Northern Rhône
-'97 M. Chapoutier Monier de la Sizeranne $185
-'01 Rostaing La Landonne Côte Rotie $225
2 Red Burgundy
-'01 Denis Mortet "Aux Beaux Bruns" P.C. Chambolle-Musigny $325
-'01 Robert Chevillon "Les Chaignots" P.C. $150
2 Red Bordeaux
-'04 Clos du Jaugueyron Margaux (a relatively small property in Arsac, at the border of the Margaux appellation) $155
-'98 Chateau Valandraud St.-Émilion (Jean-Luc Thunevin) $675
3 Italian Reds
-'98 Rosso Ca' del Merlo, Veneto $200
-'00 Valdicava Brunello di Montalcino, Tuscany $155
-'01 Zenato Amarone della Valpolicella, Veneto $145
-'01 Pio Cesare Barolo (opt. "Il Bricco") $250
3 Spanish Reds
-'01 Remelluri Rioja $65
-'01 Altos de Lanzaga (Telmo Rodriguez) $65
-'98 Marques de Caceres Rioja Riserva $85
Proper Storage "Always"
Always Store
-Constant temp. Ideal is 10-13C (50-55F)
-Where wines can be easily reached, in an organized manner
-Away from unpleasant smells
-Away from insects and rodents -can damage labels, corks, and boxes
-Bottle lying down
-Sherries and spirits upright
Storage "Nevers"
Never Store
-In strong light (premature aging, fade labels)
-Very damp conditions (moisture will destroy labels)
-Where there is vibration (prem. age wine)
-Upright for more than a few weeks (corks dry out, shrink, let in air)
-Expose wine to excessive heat- wines permanently damaged
Purchasing Older Wines
-Inquire how bottles were stored.
-Inquire when the bottle was shipped out of the winery's cellar.
-Inquire how many times the bottle has been sold and shipped.
-Inspect the bottles for label damage, leakage, and ullage
Serving Temperatures
-Mineral Water
-Sweet White Wines
-Dry Sherry & Dry Madeira
-Champagnes & Sparkling Wines
-Light White Wines & Rosés
-Draught Lager & Bottled Lager Beer
-Heavy Whites & Light Reds
-MW: 43-47ºF (6-8ºC)
-SWW: 43-47ºF (6-8ºC)
-DS DM: 43-47ºF (6-8ºC)
-CH SW: 43-50ºF (6-10ºC)
-LWW R: 45-50ºF (7-10ºC)
-DL BLB: 48-52ºF (9-11ºC)
-HW LR: 50-55ºF (10-13ºC)
Bordeaux Bottle Sizes
Magnum: 1.5 liters 2 bottles
Dbl Magnum: 3 liters 4 bottles
Jeroboam: 4.5 liters 6 bottles
Imperial: 6 liters 8 bottles

Tappet-hen (AKA Mary-Jean) is 3 standard bottle size (2.275 liters) used in Port, and sometimes in Bordeaux.
Cigar Service Setup
May be presented from a liquor trolley, or from a gueridon or in the box on a salver.

-Side plates, matches, cedar strips, cigar cutter. Ready to go before offering cigars or cigarettes.

-Ashtrays on table, one ashtray for each smoker.
Cigar Presentation pt. 1- Selection and cutting
-Cigars kept in humidor or cedar box should be presented to the guest from the left.
-Cust. selects the cigar, somm. should offer to prepare for smoking and carry it back to gueridon.
-If wrapped in cellophane, tear tab and ease cigar out by pressing at end of tube. Do not touch head of cigar. Place cellophane in pocket.
-Inquire whether guest prefers a light, medium, or full draw and then cut to their preference. Cut closed end of cigar; do not cut above the cap- this seals the wrapper. Handle with great car to avoid breaking the outer wrapper leaf.
-When cut, cigar should be tapped over a side plate to remove any small particles left.
Cigar Presentation pt. 2- Presentation and Lighting
-Return cigar to the guest on another side plate or small tray from the left, and offer a light from a cedar strip, wooden match, or gas lighter.
-End of cigar should be held in the flame and charred evenly.
-The smoke of the cigar should now be drawn in by the guest, with the light held 1/2 inch away from the tip of the flame.
-Whether or not to remove the band before smoking is the smoker's preference.
Cigar Storage
-Like any other plant product, they deteriorate over time if not cared for.
-To store cigars for use over time, a humidor is essential.
-A product of the Caribbean, they do best in a tropical climate similar to the conditions in which they were created: 60-65ºF and at 70% relative humidity.

-Too cold or too little humidity, they will dry out and be unsmokable.
-At high temps (80F+) or high humid., tobacco beetle can hatch and begin boring its way through the cigar. Larvae are embedded in the leaf and this allows them to hatch and destroy the cigar they're in.
-All humidors should close tightly and if lined with wood, they must use Spanish cedar. Other woods such as plywood or American cedar can have strong smells which interfere with the taste of cigars.
Cigar Ingredients
All but the thinnest cigars have three elements:
-The filler tobacco at the center
-a binder leaf which hold the filler together
-the outer wrapper, which is rolled around the binder
Long Filler/Short Filler Tobacco or

Hand-made vs. Machine-made cigars
-Cigars made by hand use "long filler" tobacco- leaves which run the length of a cigar. In a handmade, the filler, binder, and wrapper are combined manually to create a cigar.

-Machine-made cigars use high-speed machinery to combine "short filler" tobacco- usually scraps or pieces of tobacco- with a binder and wrapper. Because of the tension placed on the tobacco by the machines, the binders and wrappers are often made of a homogenized tobacco product which is stronger than natural leaves and can be produced in a variety of flavors, strengths, and textures.
"Hand-rolled" cigars
A few brands combine machine-bunching (using long-filler tobacco) with hand-rolled wrappers; this practice has been very properly dubbed "hand-rolled" as opposed to handmade.

And some larger cigars use "mixed" or "combination" filler of long-filler and short-filler tobaccos.
Tobacco Quality and Blending
The quality of the tobaccos and more importantly, how they are blended, determines the quality of the smoking experience.

In the filler, “ligero” leaves which provide power are blended with “seco” leaves with a milder flavor and “volado” which helps to ensure an even burn.

These are combined with a binder and wrapper to provide a balanced flavor.
Service Temps pt. 2
-Draught Bitter Beers & Bottled Light Ales
-Tawn Port & Sweet Sherries
-Medium-Bodied Reds
-Full-Bodied & Aged Reds
-Brown Ales & Stouts
-Sweet Madeira & Vintage Port
-DBB BLA: 54-57ºF (12-14ºC)
-TP SS: 54-61ºF (12-16ºC)
-MBR: 55ºF (13ºC)
-FBR AR: 59-64ºF (15-18ºC)
-BA S: 59-64ºF (15-18ºC)
-SM VP: 64-68ºF (18-20ºC)
Cuban Cigar Growing Regions
-Vuelta Abaja: Best in world.
-Partidos: 2nd best area, SW of Havana