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What are the contents of single donor platelets?
100mL of volume, platelets have to be at least 3x10^11 in 90% of tested, plasma (150mg of fibrinogen) and 10^6
Why would you give single donor platelets?
Limit exposure (for HLA immunization), refractoriness..
What is leukocyte reduction not indicated for?
Transfusion of anything that is previously frozen, prevention of GVHD...
What do you leukocyte reduce for?
Prevent febrile nonhemolyt ic transfusion reactions, preventions of cmv trasnmission, prevention of imunruppressive effects of transfusion, reduction of bacterial contamination.
What is the standard for leukocyte depleted prbc?
At least 85% of original RBC's and <5 x10^6 white cells in all units.
What are the standards for leukocyte reduced platelets concentrate?
5.0x10^10 platelets in 75% of the units and <8.3 x10^5 wbc
What about leukocyte reduced apheresis platelets?
3.0x10^11 platelets in 75% and <5x10^6 wbc's in all units. (fda proposed to lower to 1x10^6)
What are the two main types?
You can do prestorage (which is more preferable) or you can do pretransfusion.
What are potential complicatoins?
ace inhibitors (hypotension?), red eye syndrome
What is washing and what kind of life do you have after washing?
wash the cells with normal saline (1-2 L)

rbc (24 hours)
platelets (4 hours)
What are the indications for washing?
Removal of palsam proteins for people with iga deficiency , abo antibotides.

Alloimmune thrombocytopenic purpura in materal/fetal sort of reactions (washed maternal antibody does noth have the anti pl a1 or the hpa -1a.

febrile nonhemolytic reactions (rbc's and platelets) (type 1 and type 2?)
why would you want to freeze either platelets or prbc?
autologous, plasma hypersensitivies
What kind of storage time are you talkin about?
glycerol (40/20%) (-65C/-120C) you have 24 hours after at 1-6 C
platelets have no defined and are about 4 horus after dmso
What do we irradiate?
We irradiate to prevent GVHD from transfusion. Neonates,hematologous malignancies, neonatal, SCID, Digeorge, HLA matched.. are all irradiated, HIV, organ transplants, aplastic anemia, nont at risk.
What don't we use irradiation for? What is the maximum storage time on a red blood cell?
preventing cmv transmission adn peripheral stem cell infusions. Maximum storag time on a rbc is 28 days.