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XenServer supports what types of storage?
Local and remote
Local storage is tied to what?
A physical server
What is shared storage required for?
How are fibre channel LUNs displayed to XenServer?
They appear in the installer for use
How can bonded NIC help with remote storage?
improve resiliency by aggregating multiple ports into a single group, combining the bandwith into a single connection.
By default, what interface does remote storage use?
The primary management interface
Once a management interface has an IP address and it dedicated to remote storage, can it be used for any other purpose?
It cannot be used for any other purpose
In what ways can a bonded interface work?
Hot standby, Load balancing and link integrity monitoring
When is a NIC available?
Immeidately upon booting if it has an IP address
What are the four main steps to create a bonded storage NIC?
Create a NIC bond. Change the bonded interface to maangement mode. Assign an IP address to the NIC bond. Dedicate the IP to remote storage traffic.
How much the network be configured before configuring a a decicated stroage interface?
Ensure that the interface is un a sepoerate subnet which is not routable to the main management interface.
What are the features of XenServer multipathing?
Allowsa the use of redudant paths to a storage device.
increases availability in case of hardware failure on one of the paths.
Is controlled on a per-host basis allowing a varying degrees of support in a resource pool.
Is available for all storage repository types that utilize raw LUNs
What backend storage supports multipathing?
Fibre Channel and iSCSI
What method does mutlipathing use?
Round robin
Does mutlipathing benefit from NIC bonding?
No, they dont stack
What Fibre channel HBAs are supported?
Emulex and Qlogic
Where are the command line scripts stored for Emulex support?
Where are the command line scripts stored for QLogic?
Is multipath supported for SAN?
Direct mapping of a LUN to a VM is supported in what way?
It's not supported. A LUN must be added to a LVM group.
What must be done with a LUN to map it to a VM?
It must be added to a LVM group.
What software power Xen's access to iSCSI?
Shared iSCSI support is implemented based on what?
Linux Volume Manager
How is the IQN identified assigned to a iSCSI software package?
IQNs must be?
What is a draw back of software iSCSI?
They do not handle sparse provisioning or fast closing
Why would you not be able to fast clone?
using software iSCSI
What advantage does a hardware HBA provide?
off loads CPU cycles from the server to the card
Where is setup done in a QLogic iSCSI card?
in the setup of the BIOS
Where is the QLogic setup script?
What is an iSCSI initiator?
A system that connects to iSCSI storage
What is an iSCSI target?
an iSCI storage array
What is an iSCSI LUN?
A logical drive on an iSCSI array
When is iSCSI storage setup done?
After the Xenserver isntallation
What connection information is required to make an iSCSI connection?
Array hostname or IP address. iSCSI unique name
What is required for iSCSI software support?
Gigabit NIC. XenServer would also need the open-iSCSI initiator
What are the three key iSCSI best practices for the network?
Configure a dedicated network for iSCSI network.
Use dedicated NICs on servers.
Use dedicated switches and cabling.
How should initiator names be configured during setup?
Allow all initiator names to connect during setup
What version of NFS is supported for XenServer?
In what format are disks stored on NFS?
Microsoft VHD
What are the two key advantages of VHD on NFS3?
Think provisioning and fast cloning
What is thin provisioning
virtual disk use only as much space as their is data
What is a limitation of VHD on NFS?
Disk sizes cannot be increased
How would you run a slow clone?
Using the CLI
Is snap shotting supposed on NFS/VHD?
Is think provisioning supported on VHD with NFS?
What is required to use NetApp?
netApp Ontap 7g version 7 or grreater
How does Citrix support NetApp features?
through the XAPI
What features does XenServer using the XAPI support?
Thick provisioning, Thin Provisioning, NetApp data dedupplication and Snapshotting uses FlexVol technology
What is the Xephyr API?
A driver used to connect to NetApp. It's used to create FlexVols
What does a FlexVol correspond to?
Storage Repository
What is a FlexVol?
Basic unit of manageable data with NetApp
What is a best practice concerning NetApp aggrigates and XenServer?
Configure the aggrigate exlucsively for Xen to manage
What is the max LUNs for each network FlexVol?
What is the maximum number of snap shots each flexvol can have?
What is NetApp Data deduplication technology?
Disgards replicate blocks of space