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Agricultural Village
Village owns land.
A Native American farmer or laborer.
Commercial Farming
Coffee & bananas, coffee & sugar, cattle products.

Previously owned by foreign companies.
The solution to problem of one product econ= many products.
Foreign Companies
Interference in LA politics.
Large estates where peasants given some land, given no pay from owners. Peasants in debt.

Taken from European manorial system.
Inefficient Agricultural Methods
Used due to cheap labor.
Land Reform Attempts
Mexico after 1910 Revolution.
Venezuela 1958.
Cuba: Collective farms established by Castro.
Peru & Bolivia: Military governements enacted reforms.
Land Reform Difficulties/
Land Redistribution
90% of land owned by 10% of population.
Land owners control government, making reform difficult.
Land Reform Success requires:
Training in modern farming methods.
Low interest loans for tools, seeds, fertilizers.
Transportation systems to get food to markets.
One-product economy
Dangerous because if market demand changes, there’s no plan B.
Present Day Agriculture
Subsistence farming; agricultural village; haciendas; commercial farming.
Subsistence Farming
Just enough to live from.
Bartering takes place.
Traditional Agriculture
Land communally owned.
Agri. Developments: Terracing, irrigation.

Practiced by Native Americans:
Maya, Aztec, Incan
Traditional Agriculture:
Spanish Legacy
Spanish converted land to pasture, best agri land taken for plantations.