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What is NIDES?
Next Generation Intrusion Detection Expert System. Draws info from variety of Audit logs and notifies
What is Assurance
Formalized process by which trust is built into life cycle of a system
What is TCSEC?
Trusted Computer System Evaluation Criteria - Orange book
Limit Checks and Sequence checks
To avoid buffer overflow attacks. Manages data type, formats, data length, and sequence
Fail-Secure / Fail-safe
Fail-secure failure puts system into high level of security or disables it entirely.
What should happen in fail-secure state?
System should continue in this state and admin manually reboots, or system auto reboots using password.
Allows users to bypass security control on system fail.
Compiled languages
C++, Java, Fortran. Less prone to manipulation. Easy to install backdoor and malicious code w/o user knowledge
Interpreted languages
Javascript, VB script. End user can see the code. But anyone can modify it and possibly embed malicious code