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What is Blitzkrieg?
It means "lightening war" and was the taking of countires quickly by the Nazis, including bombing civilian centers.
What is Dunkirk?
The "Miracle at Dunkirk" took place north of Paris where British & French troops were separated from the rest of the country by the Germans. The British then were able to evacuate all troops and supplies by using any and all available boats, from yachts to dingies.
What was the Battle of Britain?
These were the months that Britain was bombed by The Germans, trying to lower British moral. However, British citizens continued to go on with their evryday lives.
What was the Luftwaffe?
The Luftwaffe was the German air force.
What was Operation Barbarossa?
This was Germany's planned invasion of Russia. They successfully captured the Russian heartland before the Russians were able to push them back by sheer numbers, wrecking Hitler's timetable.
What was Germany's "Final Solution"?
This was the nazi's idea to exterminate all the people of a "inferior race," which was done in concentration camps. Mostly Jews were killed, but blacks, gypsies, & political prisoners were also killed.
What was the Holocaust?
This was the act of Nazi's killing many people in large numbers in concentration camps. Jews were the most common type of people that were killed.
Battle of Stalingrad?
The Battle of Stalingrad was the turning point of the war on the Eastern Front, when the Russians fought street for street, & house for house, successfully trapping the German forces in Stalingrad.
What's siginficant about the attack on Pearl Harbor?
This attack was the final push that got America involved in the war. Japanese attacked first, trying to damage the Pacific fleet as much as it could before America could join the war.
What was the Vichy Gov't?
The Vichy gov't was centered in Vichy France and was the temporary gov't for the southern part of France that was not occupied by the Germans. De Gaulle was the head of this gov't.
Why is part of the war called the "phony war"?
This was the part of the war where war had been declared, but there was no fighting because the countries were preparing for war.
What was the Atlantic Charter?
There was a secret meeting between Roosevelt & Churchill, discussing the aims of the war, much like Woodrow Wilson's 14 points.
Who was Churchill?
Churchill was the British Prime Minister who succeeded Chamberlain and directed the war. He was against appeasement and took place at many diplomatic meetings.
Who was Roosevelt?
FDR was the US president at the time of WWII. He was frineds with Churchill and wanted to be involved in the war. Unfortunately he died before the complete end of the war.
Who was Rommel?
Rommel was the German General nicknamed "Desert Fox" & led the Nazis in Africa. He fought Montgomery (the Britihs General in Africa) to a standstill at El Alamein.
Who was Eisenhower?
Eisenhower was the American General who led troops w/ Patton in the North Africa Campiagn and then led Normandy on his own.
Who was Hirohito?
He was the Japanese Emperor at the time of WWII and was shadowed by Tojo. He latered joined the peace party, wanting to end the war. He is also known as the first emperor to break the tradition of not speaking to his people.
Who was Tojo?
Tojo was the equivalent of a shogun during WWII, overpowering the emperor & was extremely militaristic.
What happened between Japan & China?
Japan needed raw materials & force was needed to gain these materials. A railroad incident in Manchuria led to Japan occupation of the area. Eventually the Republic & the Communists joined to fight the Japanese, but forced to use guerilla tactics to fight.
What was the Greater East Asia Co-Prosperity Sphere?
This was in reality Japense imperialism, when it was claimed to unite all the asians under asia. In the end it was uniting Asia under Japan for the benefit of Japan.
What was the bombing of Dresden?
At the end of the war in Europe, Dresden was one of the last urban/industrial centers of Germany, so the Allies bombed Dresden to lower moral.
What was "D-Day"
"D-Day" was part of Operation Overlord on June 6, 1944 and was the incasion of Normandy France. The Germans actually expected an attack on Calay instead of Normandy.
What was the Battle of the Bulge?
This was a desperate last chance by the Germans to push the Allies back, but it only created a bulge in the Allied lines.
What was the Rape of Nanking?
When the Japanese invaded Nanking, they raped women, & killed civilians.
What was "island hopping"?
This was the technique used by the Allies to advance towards Japan. This consisted of taking one island and then using it as a point for another offensive to grab another island.
Bataan Death March?
This was whent eh Japanese captured the Phillipines, they forced the American POW's to walk a very long distance to a death camp.
What is so special about Iwo Jima & Okinawa?
These were the last two islands in the "island hopping" campaign and the most difficult to take. Being so close to their homeland, the Japanese kamikazes became much more frequent, causing more damage.
What happened at Hiroshima & Nagasaki?
After the Japanese didn't unconditionally surrender, America dropped two Atomic bombs, one on Hiroshima & the other on Nagasaki. This changed the minds of the Japanese & the Allies didn't have to invade the Japanese mainland.
Who flew the B-29 that dropped the Atomic bomb on Hirsohima?
Paul Tibbets
Who was De Gaulle?
This was the man who led the Vichy gov't and became the French premier after the war.
Who was Truman?
Truman was the president who succeeded FDR's death and decided to drop the Atomic bomb on Japan. He also oversaw the peace making with Japan.
What was the Teheran Conference?
This conference was when FDR & Churchill unveiled their plans for Operation Overlord to Stalin, who wanted a western front opened up.
What was the Yalta Conference?
This was the conference between the Allies as they decided to split up East Europe & Germany & started trying to get Russia to fight Japan. Russia would get some of Japan's territories & in East Europe, they were to have free elections.
What was the Potsdam Conference?
This conference was after FDR died & when Attlee succeeded Churchill. Now, there was a successful test of the atomic bomb, so they Allies wrote up an ultimatum, demanding Japan's surrender.