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What problem was targeted by the Office of Price Administration?
Who was the commander of the US forces in Europe?
Stalingrad Victory was won by:
Brutal winter
Hitler Refused to order a German Retreat
Purpose of D-Day:
Liberate France from German control
What was the goal of the Manhattan Project?
Develop first atomic bomb
Battle of the Bulge was the...
last German offensive
V-E Day, May 8, 1945 was when...
Germany surrendered
Who made the final decision to drop the atomic bomb?
Where were the atomic bombs dropped?
Nagasaki and Hiroshima
During the war, what was the legal way to obtain restricted goods?
ration stamps
What date was Pearl Harbor
Dec 7, 1941
What did the interrment of the Japanese Americans do during WWII?
deprive them of their civil rights and civil liberties
During WWII, why did the Soviet Union pressure the Allies to open a second front?
Force Germany to move some of its troops to the Eastern Front
The Battle of Midway was crucial for the US because
it dealt a severe blow to the Japanese Navy.
What did "island hopping" refer to?
attack some island while passing more fortified ones
What were the effects of Pearl Harbor?
Ideas of neutrality changed, 1000's of Japanese Americans interred, women went to work in the factories
How did the role of women change in WWII?
Women went to work in business and industry
President Truman justified the dropping of the atomic bomb
...because it would shorten the war and save lives of US soldiers
The Holocaust is the name for...
German Nazi program to exterminate Jews, Gypsies and other groups in Europe
Things rationed during WWII:
The concentration camps were used by the Nazis to...
...carry out Hitler's policy of genocide against Jewish people
The Nuremburg trials charged Nazi's of...
crimes against humanity
Why did African Americans move to cities during WWII?
Industry in the North and West expanding rapidly
A major turning point on the Eastern front in Europe was at:
The office of price administration fought inflation by:
price controls and rationing
Yalta Conference:
The Soviet Union wanted land they controled
Last military action of WWII: