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John Pershing
Headed the American Expeditionary Force
Triple Alliance/Central Powers
Germany, Austria-Hungary, Italy
Triple Entente/Allied Powers
England, Russia, France
Von Schlieffen Plan
Capture Paris before Russia can mobilize
(How to win a two-front war)
Start of WWI
July 28, 1914
US enters WWI
April 6, 1917
Armistice Day (End of WWI)
November 11, 1918
New weapons for WWI
Tanks, airplanes, gas masks (posion gas), flame throwers, heavy artillery, u-boats
Death toll
8M Soldiers
6M Civilians
(20M Wounded)
Leader NOT related to Queen Victoria
Austria-Hungary (Franz Joseph)
4 Causes of WWI
1. Imperialism
2. Militarism
3. Nationalism
4. Alliances
Mandate System
League of Nations tells a government they have to be responsible for territory they conquer
French Mandates
Syria and Lebanon
British Mandates
Iraq, Palestine, and Trans-Jordan