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Country Wilson said he would hold to "strict accountability"
This pulled the U.S. out of a recession in 1916.
economic links
Wilson's foreign policy
Moral Diplomacy
This has the final authority through the Federal Reserve Act
Federal Reserve
Socialist presidential candidate in 1912
REpublican presidential candidate in 1912
TR's domestic agenda calling for an expansive program of social welfare
New Nationalism
3 countries that WW sent troops to in Latin America
Nacaragua, Haiti, Dominican Republic
WW insisted that this German leader be ousted from power
Kaiser Welhelm
TR's refusal to run for president in 1916 caused this to happen
Progressive party to split up
Reason WW broke diplomatic relations with Germany
unrestricted submarine warfare
Reason why Americans were persuaded to support US involvement in war
safer democracy, war to end all wars
Immediate impact of Russia's withdrawal from the war has in 1917
No longer on eastern front so Germany could focus on western front
Leader of Food Administration
herbert Hoover
This was MOST responsible for turning american public opinion against Germany
U-boat attacks
Most decorated US foot soldier
Alvin York
Great US ace in WWI
Eddie Rickenbacker
Commander of Allied Forces
Head of Committee on Public Information
George Creel
Big Four leader of Great Britain
David Lloyd George
This made it illegal to criticize US involvement in the war
Sedition Act
Central Power that suffered the greatest number of deaths
Allied power that suffered the greatest number of deaths
Purpose of the War Industries Board
Production priorities, and establish control of prices of raw materials
Purpose of National Labors Board
Materials and prices, make sure workers were happy
Germany promised to not sink passenger ships without issuing a warning
Sussex Pledge
First battle where tanks were used
Reason US was able to overcome the threat of German U-boats
Convoy system
Major weakness of League of Nations
US was not a part of it
Most controversial part of the Treaty of Versailles
League of Nations
Leader of REservationists
Nations not invited to Versailles Conference
Central powers, Russia
Last German Offensive
Chateau Thierry
Leader of AEF
"Blackjack" Pershing
Wilson's campaign slogan in 1916
"He kept us out of war"
last czar of Russia
Nicholas II
First woman elected to congress
Head of War Industries Board
Bernard Baruch
First significant engagement of US marines in WWI
Belleau Wood
The battle in which the American sector began driving the Germans backward eventaully to the German border
Muse Argonne
Supreme Court case the upheld the constitutionality of the Espionage Act
Schenck vs. US
Big Four leader whose opinions posed the greatest challenge for Wilson
Battle that ended German hopes of quick victory by seizing Paris
Battle with largest concentration of air power
Father of American Air Force
Billy Mitchell
nation where Franz Ferdinand was assassinated
Mation where Eastern front was located
Nation where Western front was located
Nations associated with Central Power
Germany, Austria-Hungary, Ottoman empire
Nations associated with Allied power
Britain, US, France, Russia