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When did A-H declare war on Serbia?
July 28, 1914
When did Germany declare war on Russia?
August 1, 1914
Schlieffen Plan
attack France, then Russia
What is no mans land
area between the trenches
When did the Ottoman empire join the central powers?
End of 1914
When did italy join the allies?
Spring of 1915
Battle of Somme
-20,000 deaths for british in one day
British naval blockade
starved germans
how many U.S were generation immigrants?
1/3 of 92 million people in US
Richard Harding Davis
reporter for new york trubune
US trade
Was increasing but u boats and naval blockade making investments at rick
Woodrow Wilson made US a neutral country
August 4, 1914
be prepared just in case
transatlantic cable
cut by British, between US and germany, all views one-sided
Lusitania sank
May 7, 1915
-128 americans on board died
When did the Sussex sink?
March 24, 1916
given to allies from US bankers
Election of 1916
Wilson won narrow
-slogan: "He kept us out of war"
-ran agains Charles Evans Hughes
When did Germany violate the sussex pledge?
February 1, 1917
When did the US break off diplomatic relations with Germany?
February 3, 1917
When did the US delcare war?
April 6, 1917
what is the AEF?
American Expeditionary Force
Highest general for US?
John J. Pershing
Began serving in the war and also served in jobs at home in place of men in war
Harlem Hell Fighters
369th Infantry Regiment
-persuaded officers to loan them to french army
When did russia back out of the war?
March 3, 1918
-lenin took over
Americans save paris
turn tide of war
General James G. Herbord
battle of St. Mihiel
made germans retreat
started using tanks
General Pershing
Corporal Alvin York
Brave, killed 25 machine gunners by himself and captured 132 germans
Liberty Bonds
special bonds sold to support the allied cause
-boy and girl scouts
Dollar a year men and women
worked for a token salary
War Industries Board
controled raw materials, told manufacturers what and how much to produce, and fixed prices
War Trade Board
liscensed foreign trade and punished firms suspected in dealing with the enemy
Nation War Labor Board
April 1918
-settle labor disputes that might damage war effort
Lever Food and Fuel Control Act
Price controls
increase agricultural output and reduce waste
Herbert Hoover
Daylight saving time
turning clocks ahead one hour for the summer
Sedition Act
illegal to obstruct the sale of liberty bonds or talk bad about anything in the government or constitution
Espionage Act
Illegal to interfere with draft
take law into own hands
Fourteen Points
-open communication internationally
-no trade barriers
-Self determination
When was the treaty of versailles held?
January 1919
Who was the only rep. Wilson took?
Henery White
Treaty of Versailles
-Paris peace conference
-Allies wanted to split up Germanys colonies
-France wanted germany destroyed
League of Nations
an organization in which the nations of the world would join together to ensure security and peace for all members
Big Four
US, France, Britain, Italy
Self determination
created Czechoslovakia and Yugoslavia
Versailles Treaty
Signed June 28, 1919
Had stroke, US never signed peace treaty
When did congress vote to declare the war officially over?
July 2, 1921