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Joseph Stalin
-Totalitarian leader of the soviet union during ww2
-He was ruthless and because of this many Russians died while he was in power
Benito Mussolini
-Facist leader of Italy during WW2
- He was very militaristic and anti-communist
Adolf Hitler
-Facist leader of Germany
-A brilliant manager and tactican, But also a deranged psycopath
Francisco Franco
-Fascist leader of spain during WW2
-Keep spain out of WW2
Neutrality Act
- A senes of acts passed by congress in the 1930's
- These were ment to keep the U.S from supporting either side of ww2.
-German tatici of the "Lighting War"
-It used fast- moving air planes and tanks, followed by massive infantry.
Nonagression Pact
-The pact signed between Stalin and hitler
- the agreed not to attack eacher other and,also, to dived up eastern europe.
Charles de Gaulle
The leader of the french gov. in exile based in London
-He effectively led the French resistnace until germany had been forced to leave paris
Winston churchill
-Britsh prime minister during ww2
-He provied britan w/ great leadership during ww2
Neville Chamberlain
-British minister leading up the ww2
-His policy of appeasment toward hitler was a terrible failure
The Holocaust
The murder of over 11 million people across europe in hitler attempt to create racial purity
-OVER 6 million of those killed were jews
-means"Night of broken Glass"
-The night when Nazis attacked jews homes, bussinesses, and synagoyues across germany.
-Parts of town where jews were forced to live
- They were overcrowded and usually lacked adequate supplies of food, water and sanitation
Concentration camps
-Camps where underserbles, such as jews, were sent and forced to work
- Conditions were awful and people died form overwork and starvation
The Final Solution
-The deliberal killing of the jews by hitler
-hitler used this in an attemp to rid europ of jews
Lend- Lease Act
-The us plicy of lending military supplises and equipment to any country vital to the us
-To the germans this was almost the same as decleration of war
Atlantic charter
-An agreement between Roosevelt and churchill
-they pledged to protect freedom of the seas and the right of the people to chose their own gov.
The military alliance made up of the majority of countries in the world
-the strongest of these was the U.S, england and the Soviet union and France
Hidelki Tojo
- The prime minister of japan who led the them into war
-After the war her was found gility of war crimes and hunged
Women's auxiliary army corps
-put women to wok in the ary due to labor shortage created by ww2
-Gave woment the pay and status of all soildersm but few benefits granted male soilders
A. Phillip Randolph
African American labor leader
-led protest discrmination
Office of Price adminstar
-Created due to the declining production of consumer goods during war
-It was succesful in controling wartime inflation
War Prodtucion Board
-Created to ensure the military reduced the resources that were need to fight war- It decided which comanies wouldnt convert their producions to war materials
Manhattan Project
-The project created by roosevelt to build the first atommic bomb
-German refugee albert Einstin had warned Roosevelt that the germans had succesfully split up the atom