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A government in which power rand authority rest with the people.People usually express their power through voting. The government is run by the people
A form of government in which the government is supreme and individuals have few rights. Total control of the government rest in one or few peoples hands.
A political policy that calls for the glorification of the nation above the individuals, a centralized government headed by a dictorial leader, severe economic and social regiment, and the use of force against opposition
Media that supports the spread of ideas for the purpose of helping or damaging a cause. It influences people to accept a certain point of view by appealing to their emotion rather than their rationality.
A union or association of nations set up to further the common interest of its members.
The belief that a nation should stand alone and not get involved in the affairs and conflicts of other nations
The practice of seeking extension of a nation's control by acquiring new territory. Often this is done solely for the benefit of the larger nation and at the expense of the smaller territory.
A policy of giving in to the demands of a hostile power in order to avoid conflict and maintain peace