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MAkes the agressor more aggresive
The policy of staying out of international affarids
How can isolationism lead to war?

smashed the TREATY OF VERSALLIES by remilitarizing and moving inot the Rhineland.
The Anschluss
The union of Austris and Germany. Hitler forced the Austrian chancelor to appoint Nazi key cabinent posts. When the Austrian leader talked Hitler into Germany army "to preserve order"
Hitler claimed
He would only annex the German speaking portion of Czechoslovakia called the SUDETLAND. He went on to grasp the entire country.
Hitler's Non-Aggressive Poet
With Russia in 1939 was designed to allow Hitler to invade Poland then split it with Russia.
September 1939
Hitler invasion of Poland formally started WW2 because both France and England honored their treaty with Poland.
Adolf Hitler (axia or allied)

led from Berlin Germany
Joseph Stalin (axis or allied)

Soviet part leader who lead from Moscow, Russia
FDR and Harry Truman(axia or allied)

FDR was president at the start of the war, died in office durring the war, and his vice-president HArry Truman then took over presidency. Both led from Washington DC
Hidebi Tojo/ Emperor Hirtoito(Axis or Allied)

led from Tokyo, Japan. Tojo was the general who ran with the military making decisions Hirotito, served as country figure head.
Winston Churchill(Axis or Allied)

Prime minister, who led from London, England
The German introduced, "lightning warfare" that used spread and suprise to overwhelm its oponents.
The Maginot Line
A series of military forst set up to defend against a possible German onslaught
Miracles of Dan Kirk
Dan Kirk located in Morthern France was the site where over 30000 Allied troopers were rescued.
German airforce, led by Herman Goering. They tried to bomb London into submission but ever succeeded.
Short of ROYAL SIR FORCE, used by Great Britain. The Battle of Britain was faught in the sir against the German Air Force
What natural defect made it more difficult to attack England?
The fact that England was an island nation surrounded by water, made it to difficult for Hitler to capture because he never gained control of the English channel.
What did the Axis Powers have to offer eachother?
The Japanese took over imperial colonies, cutting off raw materials. The German attacked the parent countries, which prevented them from defending the colonies.
How did FDR use the Lend-Lease act to intervene in WW1?
FDR made a deal to lend Naval destroyers to UK in exchange for the right to lease naval bases for 99 years.
When the Japanese joined the Axis Powers, how did the US respond?
The US stopped selling aviation feul to the Japanese.
In the 1030's, why was Japan desirous of taking over other countries?
JApan was a country that was becoming very industrialized BUt lacked raw materials, and land for agriculture.
Why did Japan attak Manchuria?
To provide living space for its surplus population
How did American Textile Industries view the invasion of Manchuria?
Standing to loos $$$ in cotton sales, many Americans anticipated war with Japan.
When did the sttak on Pearl Harbor occur?
December 7, 1941
What year did the war officially begin?
September 1, 1939
What date did D-Day occur and in what country?
June 6, 1944 in Nuramburg
What was the final solution and what are 2 ways the US could have lessened this disaster?

Open the borders and take in refugees fleeing from the war (Jews fleeing to US)

Bombed the concentration camps so Germans will hold off because it takes too much effort and resources to fight back.
Who led the attack on Pearl Harbor?
Admirl Yamamoto
How was Yamamoto so familiar with the US?
He studied at Hardvard
What were his predictions?
He said, "I fear that all we have done is awake a sleeping giant." He predicted that if the war lasted 6 months, Japan would be victorious, if the war lasted 2-3 years, the US would win.
Why was the attack on Pearl HArbor bot considered a total success?
The objective was to destroy the ENTIRE Pacific fleet. Much of the fleet had been stationed off the coast of California.
What is a Kamaikazee?
Kamikazee means "devine wind" they were extremely commited JApnaese pilots willing to crash their planes into intened targets.
Where was the Battle of Coral Sea fought and what was its signifigance?
Fought off the coast of Australia. It was the first time in known history 2 ships attaked eachother wihtou seeing eachother.
What battle was the turning point in the Pacific resulting in the loos of 4 Japnaese aircraft carriers?
Battle of Midway
Who made the decision to drop the ataomic bomb?
Harry S. Truman
Where and when were the atomic bombs dropped?
Hiroshima-Aug. 6, 1945

Nagasaki-Aug. 9,1945
What conditions did the Japanese ask regarding surrender?
They aggreed to surrender conditionally, unlike the Germans, as long as they could keep Hirohito as a ceremonial emperor.