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Pancho Villa
one of the foremost leaders of the mex rev
Roosevelt corollary
a substantial alteration (called an "amendment") of the munroe doctrine by us pres theo roosevelt.
consider latin american as an agency for expanding us com interest in region
During the spanish am war he was lieutenant colonel and chief of engineers of US volunteers apointed him as chief engineer of panama canal
an admiral of the US navy, best known for his vic w/out the loss of a single loss on his own at the battle of manila bay @ philipines
Rough Riders
Name bestowed by the am press on the 1st us volunteer regiment during spanish us war
Treaty of versailles
peace treaty which officially ended wwI
led american expeditionary force in WWI
Marshal foch
supreme commander of the allied armies during WWI
Spanish American War
American- Cuba - Spain- claimed ship was sunk - war
Guirilla warfare
hit and run
President at this time
Cleveland: neutrality
(issues warning against useless sacrifice of peeps)
Keep neutral but press pushed for war
Yellow press
Blown up stories
Famous Pressmen
William Rand Herst
-Editor NY journal

Joseph Pulitzer- Editor of NY world
USS maine
exploaded & blaimed on spain
Aprl 11, 1898
mckinley ask for war
apr 25
Teller Amend
we would leave cuba after war
San Juan Hill
Naval Battle
Puerto Rico
Manila Bay
Spanish feat defeted by dewey in philipines
Traty of Paris 1898
meet in spain to sign treat to free cuba posses puerto and take guam
White mans burnden
occupy philipines (paid spain)
July 1898
annex hawaii
Problem w/ US Collonies
Philipines started to not like us
Emiliio Aguinaldo
Led Rebellion 60,000 troops to stop more died here than in actual war
Insular Cases
-const does not apply to colonies
-possess are dependencies of us
-congress decides rights
Cuba Status
Need aid but teller amend says otherwise
Cuba rule
4 years under US mil rule
1st what?
1900 cubas 1st elections
1901 1st const
1902 mil rule ended w/catch
1. cuba should not make treaties that threaten indep.
2. US had righ to naval bases
3.Cuba cant be in more debt than it can pay
4. US reserves right to intervene
CUBA= Protectorate
gets split up by euro powers/ take ports and stuff
John Hay issue of Open door Notes
guarentees free trade of china w/all
1900 in china
Revolt supp by gov
Boxer Rebellion
Fists of Universal Harmony
When Crushed
all powers chillin w/ troops
MR Hay 2nd open door notes
-dec us policy was to pres chinese territorial integrity
-indep country
Causes of WWI
1. nationalism
2. Imperialism
3. Fr Desire for Revenge (ascase loraine taken by bismark)
4. Situation in Balkan Penin
5. Arms Race
6. Syatem of Rival Alliances
The system of rival Alliances
Triple Alliance Germ, It, A-H
Triple Entente Fr, GB, Russ
serb ties self to russia
serb dude kills franz ferd
US iso
economic ties
german subs
sink ppl
sunken br ship, sunken fr ship
Wilson's warning
must sink w/ warning
germ says they will sink every ship near gb/france
broke ties w/ germ
Apr 6
we join war
may 1917
selective service
age 21-30 now 18-26
Leader of US
Psychological Fight
US was ready to go
germany deserts
Treaty of Versailles
wilson does most of it
14 points
1-5 abolition of causes of war
6-13 self determination
14- league of nations
congress never ratifies
Big 4
Wilson - US
Loyd George - Bri
Clemenceo- Fr
Orlando- It
Porblem Allies
1. Germany fault
2. Bankrupting