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Why is unfermented grape juice (Süssreserve) often added to German wine by the winemaker?
To provide sweetness to balance the naturally high acidity of the wine. (70)
Why is the German quality control system dependent on grape ripeness rather than vineyard location?
Because in Germany's very marginal climate the ripeness of the grapes (and the quality of the wine) will vary greatly from year to year even in the best vineyards. (70)
How many German quality wine regions are there? Name as many as you can.
13 - Ahr, Mittelrhein, Mosel-Saar-Ruwer, Nahe, Rheingau, Rheinhessen, Pfalz, Hessische Bergstrasse, Franken, Württemberg and Baden (70)
Name two examples of wine produced in a Grosslage.
Niersteiner Gutes Domtal and Piesporter Michelsberg are both examples of Grosslage: groups of vineyards producing wines of similar character.
List the six categories of Qualitätswein mit Prädikat in ascending order of natural grape sugar at the time of harvesting.
Kabinett, Spätlese, Auslese, Beerenauslese, Eiswein, Trockenbeerenauslese (72)
Which wine variety cultivated in Germany is considered to produce the finest wine?
Riesling (74)
Describe the general style of wines produced in the Mosel Valley.
Mosel wines are pale in color, light in body, with a crisp elegance. (76)
What is the definition of Liebfraumilch wine?
Liebfraumilch is a regional QbA from any one of the following four regions: a) Rheingau b) Rheinhessen
c) Pfalz or d) Nahe (77)
by law the wine must be fruity and easy to drink.
Name two wine varieties cultivated for wine grapes in England.
The following vine varieties are amongst those grown for wine in England:
a) Müller-Thurgau
b) Seyval Blanc
c) Hexelrebe and
d) Reichensteiner (78)
What is the name of the native white grape variety that is cultivated in many Central and Eastern European countries and used to make varietally labelled wines?
Welschriesling (Austria). Also called Laski Riesling (Slovenia) and Olasz Rizling (Hungary). This should not be confused with true Rhine Riesling of Germany and Alsace. (79)
What is Grüner Veltliner?
Grüner Veltliner is an Austrian white grape variety producing much of the country's wine. (80)
Name the two important grape varieties used for Bulgarian export wine.
The important grapes are Cabernet Sauvignon, Chardonnay and Merlot (81)
Name one red wine and one top quality sweet white wine produced in Hungary
Bulls Blood is the name of a Hungarian red wine and Tokaji Aszú is the name of a top quality, sweet white wine from Hungary.
a) Where is the town of Lutomer?
b) What well-knwon wine comes from there?
a) Northern Slovenia near the Austrian and Hungarian borders.
b) Lutomer Laski Rizling (82)
What is Retsina?
Retsina is a Greek white wine fermented with a small amount of pine resin added to the must giving the wine a very distinctive taste. (83)
Where is the liquer wine Commandaira produced?
Cyprus (83)