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Vinho Verde trellising
Cruzeta (high cordon) on older plantings
Double cordon wires for recent
Vinho Verde grapes
Alvarinho - northern Moncao DOC
Vinho Verde vinification
Traditionally Malo gave co2 prickle
Now Malo avoided
CO2 injected
Vinho Verde ABV
Below 11.5% unless Alvarinho
Dao geography
South of Duero, 80k inland
Plateau 200/400m above sea
Sheltered by mountains
Dao grapes
Jaen - lighter tannins
Touriga Nacional
Tinta Roriz
Encruzado (full bodied nutty WHITE)
Bairrada grapes
Baga (RED)
Bical (WHITE)
Baga wines
Like Nebb
Restrained fruit
High acid
High tannin (harsh)
decades of ageing needed
new styles destemmed, less tannic, pepper and berry, high acid
High acid nutty white in Bairrada
Bairrada winemaker
Luis Pato
Central south coast (nr Lisbon)
Maritime alluvial river plains
Fernao Pires (neutral WHITE)
Castelao Frances/Perquita (RED crisp acid and raspberry fruit)
Palmela geography & winemaking
Coast south of Lisborn
Warm maritime
Limestone hills
Sandy plains
Mechanised and stainless steel
Alentejo geography & viticulture
Southern inland Portugal
Continental (low rain hot summer
Loam with granite and schist
traditional bush vines being replaced with wires
Irrigation permitted
canopy management experiments
Alentejo grapes
Trincadeira - dark plum chic
Aragonez (tempranillo)
Roupeiro - WHITE full body
Antao Vas - WHITE full body
Arinto - Acidic WHITE
Vinho Regionais
Portugese expanding category for flexibility on grapes e.g.
VR Minho = Chardonnay, Chenin and Merlot
Vinhos de Mesa
Mateus and Lancers roses
Lafite Rothschilds invested in 90's
inland south central
Few wine traditions so innovative