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Name the current hierarchy in decreasing order
DOC or DOCa, DO Pago, Do, VdlT, Vino de Mesa
Explain DOC or DOCa
Denominación de Origen Calificada. At the present there are two : Rioja and Priorat.
Explain DO
Denominación de Origen Like French AOCwines, now 60. should be wines of mininum quality, specifications covering grape, varieties and location, in a style of more than local interest.
Explain DO Pago
Denominación de Origen - Pago new category, applies to outstanding single estates, in places outside DO system, that use only their own grapes.
Explain VdlT
Vino de la Tierra, equivalent of French Vin de Pays, exist 40, only 2 significant : Vino de la Tierra de Castilla and Vino de la Tierra de Castilla y León
What is the Consejo Regulador
A controlling body, issues the back-labels for every bottle of DO and DOC. Guaranteeing the classification of the wine, region of origin, how long the wine has been aged may be noted.
Explain Vino Joven
May or may not have spent time in cask, bottled year after vintage, for immediate release.
Explain Crianza
red : at least two years old, and aged min. 6 months in small oak casks. White and rosé must be at least one year old.
Explain Reserva
Wines from selected vats of better vintages. reds : at least 3 years old, and aged min. 1 year in small oak casks. White and rosé must be at least two years old of which min 6 months in cask.
Explain Gran Reserva
Produced only in exceptional vintages red : at least 5 years old, and aged 2 years in small oak casks. White and rosé must be at least 4 years old of which min 6 months in oak. White and rosé Reserva and Gran Reserva are very rare