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Eastern Front
no trenches- Germany and Austria Hungary vs Russia
Schlieffen Plan
to go through belgium and attack france by suprise but didt work becasue belgium resisted thier troops moving through thier land
Triple Entente
signed by france, GB, abd Russia, they became known as the allies
Black Hand
secret terrorist group who assinated Francis Ferdinand
blank check/Austrias Ultimatum
BC: promise of uncinditional support from germany to A-H
AU:the final set of demands- Austria to Serbia after they kiled the archduke, no anti-austrian groups ad punished people involved in the murder and said they could come freely into serbia and hold an investigation
Western Front/War of Attrition
WF: germanys western front GERMANY and A-H vs. GB and FRANCE
WofA: trench warfare where they wait to attack until someone moves from the other side
Resisted Germanys army goig through thier country which destroyed the Schlieffen Plan
Allied Powers/Central Powers

Home Front
war at home where people sacraficed to support war (rationing food)
spreading of ideas to promote or demote a cause
TECH: using modern weapons such as machine gus, long range artillary, poison gas, and gas masks, tanks, zeeplins/airplanes, U-boats, convoys, barbed wire, flae throwers, wireless radio

TRENCHES: soldiers lived inside so they were not exposed to open "no-mans land"

TANKS: not always reliable but could travle over the rough land and transport guns

SUBS: hide under water, subarine warfare
Lusitania/Zimmerman Note
L: cruise line ship that was sunk with many GB and US passengers on it

ZN: A telgram that was "supposdely" intercepted from Germany to Mexico saying if they helped fight, germany would repay them by helping them gain back thier land from the US
greement to stop fighting, noone wins, noone looses
Fourteen Points
by Wilson (US) based on self-determination, terms to resolve and prevent war
League of Nations
based on ideas of cllective security, all the nations coming together and working out thier differences without war
Treaty of Versailles/war guilt/demilitarize/reperations/mandate
TofV: allies ordered new german republic to sign it, had war guilt clause: allies ordered germany to assume ful blame for war, and huge reperations: payment for all the damage of the war, mandate: colonies owned by german were to be administraed by other powers
Polish Corridor/Sudatenland/new nations
PC: a piece of land thrugh germany so that poland had access to trade which took away germanys main port
SLAND: land taked away from Germany that took away most of germanys industry
new nations: Finland, Latia, Estonia, Lithuania and Poland
Civil War/ North/ South
Civil War: war between noth and south and freeing of the south and orth won becasue ut was nore idustuakuzed ad more wealthy than the south
Emancipation Proclimation
said enslaved arfican americans were declared free only in the confederate states of the South
Civil War Amendments
13: union is put back together and all slaves are freed
14:freed slaves are citizes and have all the same rights as others (white men)
15: African American men have the right to vote
Nintenth Amendment
gave american suffragist (WOMEN) the right to vote
Extraterritorial Rights
te right to live under own laws and be tried in your own court
mellow addicting drug
group of chinese that formed a secret society for rightous harmonious fists
Opium War
British sold opium to the chinese and chinese became addicted and so chinas govt. out-lawed it and told GB to stop and GB refused and the war started and GB won
Open Door Policy
to keep chinese trade open for everyone on an equal basis
Boxer Rebellion
boxers attacked all foreigners and soon crushed by multi-national forces
sphere of influence
an area in which an outside force claims exclusive investment of trading privlages
the relationship btwn the land and politics and it is important to govt and has straegic value
descents of Dutch farmers who were migrating north from cape colonies and a combo of Dutch and Africans who were farmers
Great Trek
a journey of boer famalies north away from GB rule to take over them
Berlin Conference
a conference in 1884-85 that decided for freed trade on the congo and niger rivers and no claim on africa unless a govt was setup there
Direct and Indirect Control
D: adapt and becomne european, goal: was assimilation, ruled by european controling countries
I: run by peoplead local rulers
indian soldiers who worked for GB and its service in india and overseas
Sepoy Rebellion/Mutiny
teh sepoys revolted against the GB when they were ordered to bite off cartridges that were sealed with cow and pig fat which was illegal to them so they were put in jail
Indian National Congress
formed by nationaist leaders ad became the congress party, self-rule but supported westerinization moderization and idependence
the doinatio by one cournty of the political economic or cultural life by another country or region
Social Darwinsim
survival of the fittest for humans
banned a hidu practice mainly by the upper-class wehre widows joined her hurband's death by throwing herself onto his funeral fire
a system of colonial rule British goverened in the name of the queen an help top positions
Muhammad Ali
ambitious soldier appointed to govenor of egypt by the ottomans (father of modern egypt)
Florence Nightingale
a british nurse
Ci Xi
1880 emperess who gained power of china and ruled with a strong rule but surrendered to confucious ideas
L: best known explorer and missionary

S: journalist who went to africa to find livingstone

together:opened the inerior of Africa
raged relentless wars and conquered nearby people and connected people who was a leader of the Zulus
March REvolution
revolution in russia where children were starving from the war so women marched to st petersburgh and soldiers did not fight
strong men that assembeledrivate armies to resst the central govt.
an elite revolutionary party that represented a small percent of socialist, russian marxists
supreme miliary dictator who ruled japan in the 1600s
a socialist group in russia wo believed in marxists, but believed in slow changes
Treaty of Brest-Litovsk
gave up a huge chunk of russias territoy and population to gerany becasue it enabled them to pull out of WWI
Civil War/whites/reds
CW: fought between reds and whites

RED: communists aka BOL

WHITES: everyoe but the BOL, diorgaized and made of many groups
member of the warrior class in japanese futal society
Meiji Resteration
major turning point in japan history, they studied western ways, learned abot western govt, economics, technology, customs, and brought experts to japan and sent samuri to tudy abrod
Treaty of Kanagawa
opened to japanese ports for the US but not for trade
New Economic Poilcy
said that small business were allowed to re-ope for private profit
kingdom between GB ruled Birma and french indo-china
War COmmunism
communists adapted, govt takes over banks, mines, factories, R.R. and forced people to do work
people used voices and opinions, council or workers, self-govt
Spanish American War
started with Cubas attempts to win independece from spain US WON
a dself-governing nation
Hawaiian Islands/annexation
American sugar growers pressed for power in the HAW. islands they had queeen resist foreign influence and so US planters overthrew her then asked US to annex HAWAII
Alexandra, Alexis, and Rasputin
ALEX: married to tsar nicholas II her son is ALEXIS with a disease known hemophillia and was sured by RASPUTIN a serbian holy man
Tsar Nicholas II
tsar of Russia and he ruled during the revolution and WWI abdicated the throne and later assinated by REDS
born into middles class and revoutionist who was the RED leader and he exiled to serbia then back to russia with help of germans