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Politics of Sexuality
sexual relationships shaped by distributions of power based on gender & other forms of inequality
Sexual Self-Schemas
identities or cognitive generalizations about sexual aspects of the self that are established from past and present experiences and that guide sexual feelings and behavior
Sexual Scripts
Reflect social norms, practices, and workings of power, and they provide frameworks and guidelines for sexual feelings and behaviors
Politics (term)
Implies issues associated with the distribution of power in sexual relationships
What are homosexual relationships shaped by?
-heteronormativity (norm of heterosexuality)
-many obstacles related to being judged “deviants”
Courtship (term)
The period when two people are attracted to each other, develop intimacy, enjoy each other's company, and identify as a couple
Romantic Love (term)
A couple coming together, sharing the excitement of an erotic relationship, and feeling united with the other in such a way that the other is unique and irreplaceable
Clichés of Love
Love is blind; love is painful; love means never having to say you're sorry, love conquers all; etc.
Emotional Intimacy (term)
Sharing aspects of the self with others with the goal of mutual understanding