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These where constant problem for wagon trains. What were they? 3
Shortage of food, supplies and water.
Who became Commander and Chief of the new Texas Army?
Sam Houston
Which country ruled California in the 1830's and 1840's.
The main route to Calfornia started where?
Oregon Trail
Imdependant nation of Texas, which was from 1836 to 1848,when Texas was annexed to the U.S.
Republic of Texas
What was the capital and the president?Houston,Sam Houston
Why did the people of the Midwest move to Oregon Country?
It could improve their lives, rich farmland, great forests, riversfull of fish and good climate.
Who were the 3 well known leaders at the Alamo?
Davy Crockett,Jim Bowie, & William Travis
Where and when did the journey to the Oregon Trail begin?
Independence, Missouri, May or late spring.
What was the main issue keeping Texas from becoming a state and why was this a problem?
Texas supported slavery in whick it would upset the balance between slave and free states in the Senate
By, 1821 Mexico had set requirements for all foreign immigrants.What were the three requirements?
Become Mexican citizans, obey mexican laws and become catholic
The mountain men who remained in the area took on new jobs. what were they. 3
guiding farmers, miners and ranchers to the west.
Why did the Mexicans revolt against Spanish rule?
They hoped independence would improve their living conditions
The minor reason for Jackson not wanting to annex Texas was?
didnt wanna go to war with Mexico over Texas
Group of western travelers who were stranded in sierra Nevada during the winter of 1846-47, only 40 pf the parties 87 members survivied.
Conner Party
Men who trapped animals for fur in the Rocky Mtns and other Western regions of the U.S.
Mountain men
Agents who were contracted by Mexican republic to bring settlers in the early 1800s
By the 1840's the demand for beaver fur had fallen, Why? 2
Fashions changed and trapping lowered the number of beavers
The forst 300 families were known as?
Old 300
What was the center of California colonial life?
Spanish colonists in California
Spanish settlers who lived in what is now southern Texas
What percent of the pioneers were children?
One out of every 5 pioneers.
What four countries laid claim to the Oregon country?
Great Britian, Russia, Spain and United States.
Who was elected president of Mexico on 1833?
Antonio lo'pez de Santa Anna
Spanish mission in San Antonio,Texas,that was the site of a famous battle of Texas Revolution in 1836;the Mexican army's victory resulted in the deaths of the Texans defending the building
Who were the first Americans to settle in the Oregon Country?
How did Mexico view Texas independance?
didnt accept that Texas was now independant
What did these agents receive in exchange for settlers?
To take control of land and incorporate into a country, state, ect...( or add onto)
Northern California colony founded by Swiss immigrant John Sutter in 1839 that became a popular destination for American immigrants.
Sutter's Fort
Mexican victory during the Texas Revolution in which the Mexican leader Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna ordered the execution of Texas soldiers after their surrender
Battle of Goliad
How much land could a man receive?How could he recieve additional land?
640 acres/ land for his wife and each child
What protected the missions from attack?
Which group of people performed most of the labor at the missions?
American Indians
A 2000 mile long stretching through the Great Plains from Western Missouri to Oregon Country
Oregon Trail
Who was one of the first American settlers in Texas?
Stephen F. Austin
What pass allowed settlers to cut through the Rockey Mtns?
Morman Trail
The largest group of immigrants to Texas came from and why they came(2)?
United States, search of land and economic opportunities
Most of the first non-American Indians who traveled to the Rocky Mtns.
and the Pacific Northwest were? 2
fur traders and trappers
Annual event held by mountain men to trade furs and socialize