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Gender pay gap
The common gap between male and female earnings with women gernerally receiving less pay.
Men get pay more than women!!!
Glass ceiling
Invisible barriers to the promotion and advancement of women into higher status, power positions.
Ouch can't go any higher cause she is a woman!!!!!
Sticky floor
The idea that women are often relegated to the lowest paying jobs under the poorest work conditions.
Umm u women can't go any where have to clean up the sticky floor!!!!
Informal labor sector
Uncounted,"under the table" employment such as trading and selling at markets and work done on a contract basis in the home.
Watch out all the babysitter and ebayer!!!!!
Formal labor sector
Formal employment counted by governments and included in national accounting system.
HAHA those loser, keep working full time and pay tax to the FED
Gender-based household divisions of labor
Describes the tendency for women to do more of the core household tasksand childcare.
Whose job is it???yea women jobs, cleaning and taking care of kids.
Second shift
Term describing how employed women frequently work one shift in paid work and another shift doing houshold labor before or after paid work.
UMM...So tired work all day, then she has to do the house work too!!!!
Gender occupational segregation
Explains the pay gap in terms of the fact that women tend to work in lower-paying sectors of the economy and hold lower ranks within the same occupational group.
So bad, her pay rate is so low. even worse her rank is the lowest of the lowest too!!
Gender wage discrimination
Paying women less because women's work is devalued, bacause it is assumed that her income is supplementary to her husband's, or because employers can get away with it and it increase their profits.
Her job is so easy, so pay her less.....
Equal pay legislation
Law prohibiting gender pay discriminaiton.
yay!!! there is a law to help out.
Affirmative action
Programs and policies that promote the entrance of women into better paying, tradition ally male job.
progames that help women.........
Gender harassment
Type of sexual harassment characterized by verbal and nonverbal behavior that conveys insulting, hostile, and degrading attitudes toward women.
Unwanted sexual attention
Type of sexaul harassment characterized by suggestive comments about a woman's body as well as unsolicited and unreciprocated sexual advances such as repeated requests for a kiss, a date or sex lazy to type the hint
Sexual coercion
or Quid pro quo, Sexual harrassment....type of sexual harassment where sex is required as a condition of employment or job reward.
Quid pro quo sexual harassment
Sexual harrassment....type of sexual harassment where sex is required as a condition of employment or job reward.
Sex-role spillover theory
Suggests that sexual harassment occurs because traditional relationships between the genders overflow into the workplace.
Organizational tolerance
The degree to which an organization is perceived by employees to be insensitive or tolerant of sexaul harassment, affects its frequency and severity.
Self-employed sector
Another names for the informal labor sector intended to highlight its importance to economies.
Women’s micro-and small-scale enterprises
Another names for the informal labor sector intended to highlight its importance to economies.
Women entrepreneurs
women who start their own business.
Legal literacy
Knowledge of one'legal rights and the means to defend those rights.
Third world/developing nation
Nations that are less or non idustrialized nations, also called the south, due to their location principally in the southern hemisphere
the process of economic, political or social growth in a nation.
Women in development projects
Development approach that includes women through income-generation projects, labor saving tech nologies and improving women's local resouce access.
Income-generating projects
A type of Women in development projects,intended to provide opportunties for women to make money.
Sustainable development
Development that promotes human well being and dignity while regenerating and protecting the natuaral resouce base.