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raphael, 1520, pallazo barbarini-Rome, the bakers daughter, Rapaels reputed mistress
who painted this, when, where is it, what is the meaning of the title, what is the spicy detail?
when an image tralis along its own set of assosiations by the embedding os sign systems-whats it called/
when an image trails along its own set of associations by the embedding of sign systems-whats it called?
ingres,1814,fogg at harvard,it is ingres's homage to raphael the great classical artist
who paintes this, when, whats it called, where is it,whats is its signficance
cindy sherman, 1989, photo, another allusion to la fornarina. Part of the History Portraits series
what is this? by whom?,whats the date?, whats the medium?,
contrast the function of line in three dimensional and two dimensional work (p 28)
in three dimensional work the lines DEFINE the contours of the actual form in space. In two dimensional work lines or implied lines (broken or faint lines)suggest connections between parts of the composition and by means of shading or hatching the shadows create or suggest the object's form by approximating its shadow.
what is the twin function of lines and shadows?
1.creating borders between objests and suggesting three dimensional volume
2. creation of drama and tension
if one object is in partially front of another two possible impressions are possible-what?
1. A sense of what the object behind would look like if the whole were visible
2. a sense of visual amputation as if the truncated shape is complete.
give examples of open form and closed form and the effect of the two approaches
bonnards "nude crouching in the bath" p29 and "nudein the bath and small dog"" p39.
open form communicates beyond the picture (you imagine whats outside the plane) whereas closed is remote and isolated. even a sculpture may be closed
what are the words by Bonnard that one should remember?
"there was a time when , under pressure from my dealers,i let them have canvases that .. needed further work or even need to be destroyed"
bonnards' dates; bonnards wifes name;and the sadness
1867-1947-;Marthe who died while he was completeing the series of her in the bathroom.
the description of the Bonnards' painting tecnique that creates the brilliant mix of texture and colour
an overall turpentine diluted wash of colour on the canvass; the thick texture of paint (the impasto)and the "dabs and smears and scumbling of pigment". Scumbling is when an opaque colour is applied irregularly so that an unerlayer of texture is visible. P 40
explain the phrases "visual literacy" and "intelligent seeing"
both are used for "visual analysis"they overlap; but the former has more reference to connections and art history while the latter has more to do with technical matters-line, shape,colour,texture,space and composition