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(Woyzeck is Staring hard at Marie)
I can't see it! I can't see it! My God why cant I see it? It should be there. Why can't I grab it in my hands?
Franz? What's the matter? You're raving!
A sin so fat...and thick and big. It stinks so much that it will drive the angels out of heaven. You have a red mouth Marie. Pure as sin. Not a scab on it. How can sin be so beautiful?
Shut up, Franz. You have a fever.
Goddamn you! Is this where he stood? Was he here standing here like this?
A lot of people can stand here or anywhere, one after another. Why are you looking at me like that? You scaring me to death.
Nice street out there. You can walk about...wear your feet down to the bone. Walking around, meeting people.
Meeting people?
A lot of people pass by here on this street. Dont they? You can talk to them. Whoever you want. Got nothing to do with me. Him. Right here. Should have been me.
Him? Who are you talking about? I'm supposed to tell people to keep off the streets? Muzzle 'em like dogs?
Your lips are so beautiful, Marie. So red. You should have left them at home. But that would have brought the wasps in.
What's with you? You're like a cow chased by your Goddamn wasps.
You can see a lot of things when the sun's out and you've got two eyes.
Don't you touch me Franz! You can stick a knife in my guts but dont touch me. Not like that. My own father was afraid to touch me after I was ten years old. I just looked into his eyes and he couldn't.
Whore! (she leaves) No! It should show, it should show! But she looks like innocence itself. Well, innocence, you have a mark on you. Do I know? Do I know? How can anyone be sure?