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fender (noun)

fend r
def. the outer covering above the tire of a car

The right front fender on my car needs to be repaired.
decimate (verb)

des' -mat`
def. to destroy or kill a large part of

Smallpox, the fatal disease in the past, decimated half of the army.
contentious (adjective)

k n-ten'sh s
def. argumentative, ready to disagree

He is a contentious man, always arguing with everyone.
magnanimous (adjective)

mag-nan' -m s
def. noble;above revenge or resentment; forgiving of insults

He was magnanimous in forgiving those who injured him.
legislature (noun)

lej'i-sla`ch r
def. a body of people empowered to make laws

The legislature was blamed because it made new laws which don't make sense.
annals (noun)

an' lz
def.1.a written record of events 2.general records

MJ was the greatest player in the annals of NBA.
corridor (noun)

k r d r
def. a hallway

After you walk all the stairs, corridor will lead you to the classroom.
ambivalence (noun)

am-biv' -l ns
def. existence of mixed or conflicting feelings

She felt ambivalence when she think about her marriage, because she is not sure that he's right for her.
pledge (verb)

def. to promise solemnly

He pledged allegiance to his boss not to betray him.
unanimity (noun)

yoo`n -nim'i-te
def. complete agreement

Since members of the committee always argue and disagree, there is never a unanimity of opinion.
decade (noun)

def. a ten-year period

He looks like 50, so he looks a decade younger than his 60 years.
duplicity (noun)

def. deceitfulness;double-dealing

He asked my help and acted with duplicity to get an information from me.
monopoly (noun)

m -nop' -le
def. exclusive possession or control

To make a lot of companies' success, the government has laws against monopolies.
metric (adjective, noun)

def. referring to a measurement system based on grams and meters

Most of the world uses the metric system of measurement.
integrity (noun)

def.1.honesty;good moral character 2.wholeness; completeness

Her integrity made her call the police when she found drugs in her son's room.
bipartisan (adjective)

bi-par'ti-z n
def. supported by members of two parties

Those two parties made a new law which was passed with bipartisan support.
trivial (adjective)

triv'e- l
def.1.unimportant;silly 2.ordinary;commonplace

Wearing good clothes is trivial matter than his/her mind.
dilemma (noun)

def. problem;difficult choice between equally bad things

She was in a dilemma over staying in her tiny apartment or taking the time and move.
disintegrate (verb)

dis-in'ti-grat` seperate into small parts become worse; to go wrong

The papers were so old that they disintegrated when touched.
monarchy (noun)

mon' r-ke
def. a state ruled by a king, queen, or emperor

Because of the king's bad politics, that country's monarchy set.
centennial (noun)

sen-ten'e- l
def. one-hundred-year anniversary;a period of one hundred years

After 100 years of protest to the government, that country finally found a centennial peace.
perennial (adjective)

p -ren'e- l
def. occurring again and again; constant; lasting for a long time

I never stop to play video games, so those are my perennial problems.
magnitude (noun)

def. greatness of size or importance

The economy is slowing downbut economists don't know the magnitude of this change yet.
symmetrical (adjective)

si-met'ri-k l
def. balanced in physical size or form

In mathematics, the symmetrical lines never meet together.
bilingual (adjective)

bi-ling'gw l
def. having or speaking two languages

After he learned Chinese as a second language, he became a bilingual man.
unilateral (adjective)

yoo`n -lat' r- l
def. arbitrary;one sided;relating to only one side or part

The workers protested, but the owner made a unilateral decision to shut down the factory.
centigrade (adjective)

def. referring to a temperature scale based on one hundred degrees

According to the centigrade system, water boils at 100 degrees.
trilogy (noun)

tril' -je
def. a group of three books, plays, or stories

He wrote a trilogy on his family,friends and work.
ambiguous (adjective)

am-big'yoo- s
def. not clear; having two or more meanings

He is ambiguous when he says he loves her but doesn't want to marry her.