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Unanimity (n)

yoo ne nim i te
complete agreement

UNO unanimity with Tibetan government; that Tibet is not part of China.
metric (adj,n)
met rik
referring to a measurement system based on grams and meters

Every day I cleaned the metric system in the hospital.
annals (n)
an elz
a written record of events; general records

Tibetan handwritings was annals by famous guy in Tibet name Thume-sam-botah.
integrity (n)
in teg ri te
honesty; good moral character; wholeness; completeness

Parents of intergrity would not let their child to smoke.
bilingual (adj)
bi ling gwel
having or speaking two languages

The bilingual Tibetan book was printed in Tibetan and English.
decimate (v)
des e mat
to destroy or kill a large part of

Red Chinese army decimated the monastry's monk.
decade (n)
dek ad
a ten-year period

Within the decade Chinese government subdue the Tibetan government entirely in Tibet.
trilogy (n)
tril e je
a group of three books, plays, or stories

In Indian school,one science classes have trilogy books such as Chemisty, Physic, and Biology.
unilateral (adj)
yoo ne lat er el
arbitrary; one sided; relating to only one side or part

Without waiting for approval by doctors, the patient made a unilateral decision to take some antidotes.
magnitude (n)
mag ni tood
greatness of size or importance

It is very complicate to compare the magnitude of my general knowledge with my teacher knowledge.
monopoly (n)
me nop e le
exclusive possesion or control

India once maintained a monopoly over the sale of British clothes in India.
ambivalence (n)
am biv e lens
existence of mixed or conflicting feelings

My friends felt ambivalence toward one of my friends because he was going to join army and last night party.
duplicity (n)
doo plis i te
deceitfulness; double-dealing

In an act of duplicity, Iraq government made a neuclear missiles, other deadly weapons and sell it to there happy citizens for benefits of dictater.
trivial (adj)
triv e al
unimportant; silly; ordinary; commonplace

Such trivial issues as of watching movies, playing games and drinking beer made happy to my friends while, they at my home.
monarchy (n)
mon er ke
a state ruled by a king, queen, or emperor

India used to be a monarchy.
magnanimous (adj)
mag nan e mes
noble; above revenge or resentment; forgiving of insults

I have magnanimous toward my adversary.
centennial (n)
sen ten e al
one-hundred-year anniversary; a period of one hundred years

one hundred years after the declaration of India's Independence from British, the Indian celebrate its centennial with special fire cracker and waving their national flag.
ambiguous (adj)
am big yoo es
not clear; having two or more meanings

Most Tibetan prayer books make ambiguous to the new reader.
centigrade (adj)
sen ti grad
referring to a temperature scale based on one hundred degrees

based on today weather channel a temperature of 89 degrees centigrade indicates over heat in outdoor.
dilemma (n)
di lem a
problem; difficult choice between equally bad things

People do face with the dilemma of working in early age and get some money or study and get more money at the end.
bipartisan (adj)
bi par ti zen
supported by members of two parties

In India, both Janta and Bharat on the bipartisan commitee elected Mr. Lalu Parsad
disintegrate (v)
dis in ti grat
to separate into small parts;to become worse; to go wrong

In Tibetan new year, many Tibetans disintegrate the wheat and put in the bowl for decoration.
perennial (adj)
pe ren e al
occuring again and again; constant; lasting for a long time

After perennial studying for my test, I finally pass my exam.
symmetrical (adj)
si met ri kel
balanced in physical size or form

Due to the trenscend of your beer in your body, your body is not perfectly symmetrical as it used to.