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Tenable(adjective) ten'e-bel
capable of being defended;logical
The first law of motion in physics is is tenable.
My friend got dejected when he saw his english test scores.
transcend(verb) tran-send'
to overcome;to go above limits
Malcom X was able to transcend racial prejudice to become the African-American speaker in washington D.C.
crazy with worry;
She was distraught about her husband's death.
Statute stach'er
level of achievement and honor
George Washington the former U.S president because of his statute the state of columbia was name after him.
Abduction is real in my country Cameroon.
Perverse(adjective) per-vurs'
contrary;determined not to do what is expected or right.
My perverse sister complained constantly about her illnesses yet refused to call a doctor.
a complete change
We have witness a transformation of communication from paper mail to e-mail.
Jettison(verb) jet-i-sen
to throw out forcefully;tothrow overboard
I jettison my burn pot because it was burning.
Eject(verb) i-jekt'
to force to leave;to expel
I was ejected from my job by my boss because i came thirty minutes late.
transitory(adjective) tran'si-tor'e
short-lived;existing briefly;passing.
The boy's sadness was transitory and he soon was smiling again.
something subtracted from a total;
There is deduction of my heater and water bills in my rent.
Adversary(noun) ad'ver-ser'e
The opposition party in my country and the ruling party are adversary though they still meet and shack hands.
leading to;
Freedom is conducive to creativity.
Circumscribe(verb) sur'kem-skrib'
to limit;to restrict, to enclose.
to circumscribe the proffessor's power ,the college president took some responsibilities away from her.
Abstain(verb) ab-stan'
not to do something by choice
I must abtain from eating for twelve hours before themedical test.
Inadvertently (adverb) in'ed-vur'tnt-le
unintentionally;by accident
Grace inadvertently took my book with her yesterady after class.
to avoid;to outwit
After many years of circumventing the INS by my friend he was caught two days ago.
Status quo(noun) sta'tes kwo
the existing condition;present state of things.
I will like to see a change of the status quo of democracy in my country.
faithful;firmly surpporting
I am a staunch supporter of our national soccer team.
Tenacious(adjective) te-na'shes
firmly holding;gripping;retaining.
The tenacious physician worked on the problem for twenty year before he solved it.
to pull;to draw out;something that is drawn out.
The extraction of information from the large database involved many months of work.
Retract(verb) ri-trakt'related word
to withdraw a promise or statement; to pull something back
The proffessor issued a retaction of his statement after realizing it was base on faculty evidence.
circumspect(adjective) sur'kem-speckt'

The chief of my village is circumspect of his personal life,but his kids often are not.